Freedom Fridays

#FreedomFriday on a Saturday –

Emekus, how market today?

Thank God, we dey do am! Emeka replies and continues whistling under his breath ♫Everything I do, na God win, say nah God win, yes nah God win o♫

This one wey you dey sing God win, alert don land?

“Osas, it is good to be thankful always, whether you make sales or not. You see, despite the harsh unsettled economy, we are pushing it daily and have life to celebrate.” Emeka, had a knack for reverting to using proper English whenever he wanted to be philosophical; for him it drives home the point easily.

“Look at that blind beggar by the market gate, he has to beg to survive. He doesn’t see the beauty of the clouds, neither the rage of the approaching storm. Yes, he can feel the sun, the rain, decide from the sounds of steps if to sit still or feel his way out of danger. Yet, he is always full of praise. Abeg, I think I have more reasons to be thankful” Emeka concluded.

“It is true Emekus, that blind man has been at that gate for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, right from when I was doing my apprenticeship with Papa Kevwe about 8 years ago.” Osas heaves a sigh and continues, “I wonder how he got blind.” Pensively, “what is his story?”

“Customer, you don come? Nah wetin you wan buy? I get better LG television wey you no need 3D glasses sef to watch am.”

“Emekus! Emekus!! The correct Ibo man with authentic electronics. I hail o. I no come buy anything today, nah the balance of the remaining money for that Iron wey I buy, nah im I bring.”

“Da alu, thank you. You are one of the few customers that keep to their words when it comes to payment. That’s why I can easily give you my electronics without second thoughts.” Emeka replies with gratitude, at the same time he touches his pointer with saliva, flips the notes one after the other as he counts to confirm the figure. “It’s N7,000.”

♫I don get alert, God win!♫ Osas sang out laughing.
“Bye bye customer, see you next week” Emeka shouts after the retreating back of his customer.

A distance away, the bell chimes signifying midday. By this, everyone by default knew what to do. The Catholics said their prayers, the Pentecostals quickly gathered by a designated area to sing choruses and preach of hell, heaven, adultery and fornication to all and sundry; whether you were in their group or not, their megaphone got to your doorsteps. In-between the prayers, people still sold their wares. Sadly, after all these ceremonies, some returned to buying and selling and telling of market lies about the true worth or use of a product. It seems the prayers did little or nothing to their lifestyles.

“Dem don start with this dem prayers. Man pikin no go hear word again!”
“Wetin the prayers dey do you, e dey pinch you for body? Abi you be winch?”
“If only they can cure common headaches with it, it would make a whole lot of difference”
“English master aka K-Leg, who ask you question?”
“Me as I dey so, nah dis withered hand I dey take hold body. When pepper drop, man use am gauge and pray for the next one. So therefore, make person hold him healing for that side, I no want. End of discussion.”

Patrick and John strolled towards the market discussing excitedly what they had read in the Bible about the power that believing in God gave them. “Babi ala, give me money. Babi ala, give me money” the one they called K-Leg called out after Patrick and John. As if it was planned, both of them stopped in their tracks and walked up to him. Hearing footsteps approaching, K-Leg began to sing ♫I have a God; He will never ever fail me. I have a Father; He will never ever fail me. Jesus is my Father, He will never ever fail me, Rock of Ages never ever fail♫ stretching out his bowl to receive money, his stomach rumbled to remind him he hadn’t eaten all day and was really very hungry. Still singing his usual lines, he heard them say something and while he was considering it, he felt a twitch in his torso as if his muscles were gaining strength. He couldn’t remember the last time he made use of those legs, he was born this way. This had been his identity, his cross.

As he reminiscence, he felt Patrick pull him up and he swayed to the opposite side but didn’t fall because for once in his life, his legs could support him. What joy! At last, he would leave the market gate and go register in a dance school. He had always loved music and dancing and since he couldn’t do both, he stuck to one – singing.

Rewind and he was back to reality. “Thank you! Thank you!!! God bless you. May God reward you abundantly…” was all he kept saying.

“You see wetin I just see so?”
“Wonders shall never cease!”
“Abeg abi nah, Patrick abi Pato be ya name, make you hol your healing for that side o! As you see me so, nah my daily bread be this o. No just let that your hand near me you hear.”
“You still dey here dey talk?! I no wan hear say nah accidental discharge the anointing come touch me, I don waka as we dey so. K-Leg, bye bye o!”

Acts 3:1-10

Words in Pidgin English:
1“Customer, welcome. What do you want to buy? I have a great LG television that does not require 3D glasses to view.”
2 I didn’t come to buy anything today, I brought the balance of the money for the pressing Iron I bought.”
3 “They have started with their prayers. Someone will not have peace anymore!”
4 “Why are you against prayers, how does it affect you negatively? Or are you a witch?”
5 “As I am, by this withered hand I make a living. When I receive money, I use it for food and pray for the next one. Therefore, anyone who wants to perform miracles, should not come towards me, I’m not interested. End of discussion.”
6 “Did you see what just happened?”
7 “Excuse me Mr-what-am-ma-call you, Patrick or Pato, please restrict your healing to that area! As you can see, this is my daily bread. Don’t let your hand touch me.”
8 “Are you still discussing this matter?! I don’t want to hear that I got healed by accident, I have relocated till he leaves. K-Leg, bye bye o!”

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