Did you know?


Did you know?!

That the best minds are born in November (no apologies to the months…you know I love you guys ❤ )

That 8th was my birthday and I was too busy to celebrate, however I am thankful for all the WONDER-FILLED gifts I got…not your usual gifts – God did it!

That it is in November-borns to love without hesitation and deeply too and when they walk…it is truly very far! No further comments on that one.

That it seems a common trend for November people to be good at showing how much they care for another using the Love language that is unique to each?!

That I share the same month with my dad, cousins, niece and nephew and lots of friends.

So, this is me today in the mood for The Experience 10 happening live at TBS, Onikan on Friday, 4th December @41 + 9 days grateful, 7 + 4 + King thankful.


And to all my beautiful people born in November…
I sometimes may find it hard to remember
To celebrate you and what you represent
May God continue to set you apart for greatness and no descent,
May He light up your every dark and unsure paths
Leading you through unique and blessed tracks
May the uniqueness that sets us apart
Keep you from constant bleeding hearts
For one who loves and loves deeply
I know that’s a long shot to keep keenly
To more fulfilling years ahead
As new lives we touch and add to our herd

What do you know that you would like to share?

(c) 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.

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  1. Happy Birthday Frances. You look so happy. Our younger daughter was born on the 1st, my sister-in-law was born on the 5th and our grandson was born on the 18th. Yes November is a wonderful month.

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  2. I have a special connecttion with you as I, too, am a November baby, the 11th is my birthday. I also share the month with my eldest granddaughter (a November 11th Baby — the best gift I ever received on my birthday); my eldest grandson (November 24th) and my youngest granddaughter (November 3). I loved your inspiring message for November babies.

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    • Wow! That’s so cool. My nephew is November 24th, my brother in-law on the 3rd, his sister 9th, another brother in-law 11th, Dad’s 28th, so many people. Thank you that you loved my message, just had to celebrate us. Happy Belated Birthday to you, may God continue to fill your heart and space with Joy and more reasons to celebrate! ❤


  3. Happy Birthday Frances! As we say, LLNP. Judging by the smile in this photo, I trust you had a good time celebrating 🙂

    What I know that I’d like to share? – My older brother was Francis, no longer with us but lives in my memory.

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  4. Happy belated birthday love💕💕💕💕💕 I wrote a poem about December and I talked about November but I won’t post it til December. I tend to have a love hate relationship with November borns. I hope when you see that poem you won’t be upset. It was written as a joke… ☺️😊😉

    Again, happy belated birthday my dear🙏🏽🍾🎂🍰

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