Red, White, Green & Gold!

Did I just do a list of colours? Yes. Of Red, White, Green and Gold. We are in the Christmas Season and everywhere I turn, its’ these colours that ‘attack’ my sight and I’m wondering to myself and decided to find out from you…

“If you were asked to paint Christmas in your favourite colour, what would it be?”

My friend Wale said ‘BROWN’ and I smiled, apparently Wale loves Brown. But then I love RED and it’s not because it is a Christmas colour, I just do! Like a plain journal and a pen or a blank word document on a PC, beckoning to be written on, RED calls my name and I always answer! How would I make Wale’s day, probably buy a gift and wrap it in a Brown wrapper with some Gold trimmings. wink

I thought again, If Jesus was asked to pick a favourite colour, what would it be? And I decided again (I seem to be making a lot of decisions today) that He won’t limit Himself to Red, White, Green and Gold. He would have all the colours in the world flung together creating a beautiful masterpiece and just bask in its splendour.

So while you are thinking up an answer for me, I’m dreaming of a truly colour-FULL Christmas, one that has a mix of everything bright and beautiful placed against a black background for maximum glory.

It is NOT going to be a WHITE Christmas for me, nor a RED, even though I’m nuts about this one. But a pleasurable night with sounds, classical, drama, JOY, laughter, gifts and most importantly LOVE on Wednesday 16th December, 2015 @ The Rock Cathedral


I’ll be looking forward to a refreshing time. I hope I can share those moments with you when we are done…that’s if you couldn’t make it there.

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