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The Queen is back!

Needing respite and more inspiration, I quickly grabbed the opportunity by my colleague to follow him to an art Gallery just around the corner. Of course I know I’m going to an Art Gallery, so by default, I’m expecting to see Artworks and more Artworks and probably some ‘crazy looking Artwork!’

But nothing…NOTHING prepares you for the world you are about to step into!

I was blown away!

I felt like a child in her favourite toy shop…I went from one section to the other.

I’m told (and I also noticed) that I hadn’t even gone to the other levels yet.

I’m sure you are already itching to know what happened…hold it!

You see, it’s one thing to walk in somewhere and all you get is that ‘nose-in-the-air’, ‘the-animals-with-horns-were-called-for-a-meeting-and-the-snail-went-also‘ attitude. After being weighed, scaled and found wanting on their faulty scale, no one gives you the attention that should be given to a guest. But not so here. It was all warmth and colours and dress-change. You will understand in a moment as I let the pictures speak.

By the way, I went to Nike’s Art Gallery and meet MAMA! So cool abi? We had a little chat, and she shared great joys in simple things. You could see her love for Arts shine through. She talked about how you could easily create art, whilst showing us Artwork from Bicyle tyres, disposable cups and paper etc. I left there deciding not to throw broken wares away but create beauty and more inspired than when I got there.

I met a Prof or Dr. but sadly I can’t remember his name. He stays in Colombia (I think), Oh my goodness, why didn’t I just write this down. I guess I was too overwhelmed with all the beauty. I met an elderly man, I think it’s Mama’s hubby but I didn’t ask him. We had an interesting conversation and I told him I was married to an artist too. He wanted to know if it was the ‘dada-kind’, told him the ‘afro-pops-kind’ and by the time I showed him King’s picture with his afro and suit looking dapper, he exclaimed “Now that’s a proper artist, I’d like to meet him”. So King got an appointment without seeking one! LOL. Yet to go there though.

Did I mention? She signed my book which I bought there (at a discount) and offered us drinks! Who does that?! I’ll be visiting her shortly for a proper interview and to see the other levels of beauty I had missed out on. I think you should go see things for yourself.

© 2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.

By imanikel

...a fresh slate or paper is a delight to behold, it practically beckons to me...begging to be utilized! With eyes that see and appreciate beauty in the midst of a crazy scenery...hands swift to pen what my 'wonder-filled' mind conjures! My name is Frances

11 replies on “The Queen is back!”

Haha, did you buy that Adire? It suits you well, well.

I agree with all you said about Nike the Mama, she is such a graceful person and friendly. It was 6 years or so that I was there last, I had a blast. She tells stories about the artists behind most of the works, I learned a lot about her too – She is cool.

I must stop by again as I noticed there have been lots of new things at the gallery.

Queen, Mama Nike is very friendly with children too, my girls had a blast just playing in the sculpture area…

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I didn’t o, I went to view first! I love her Adires I tell you. Reading your comment I agree we met the same person! She’s so constant. Telling you stories, leading you from one pix to the other. I forgot to mention all that. Maybe when I do the proper interview, then you’ll get to be reminded of your visit again and yearn to return.

I should take your King-Earl there and Imani. I’d love to see what will come out of that visit.

She’s beyond cool

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Lol @ the animals with horns were called for a meeting and the snail went also. What a spectacular way to describe snobbish attitude.

I remember feeling dizzy and put out during my visit to Nike Art Gallery last year. I love beautiful artwork but the gallery proved to be too much perhaps because I was hungry.

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