Life Lyrical Mondays

#LyricalMonday – Futility of a Rat

Sometimes, I write about inanimate objects and other creatures, as I find Life in its entirety amusing …sometimes.
Today, a RAT caught my attention and the outcome was overwhelming.
I know you are going to be wondering why with Zika fever gist going around but hey life is for the living, and I wrote this years back before the virus came visiting.

Anyway, the fever or virus shall not come near your dwelling in Jesus name…I hear that Amen! Enjoy the poem.

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Food Freedom Fridays Nigeria Rant

#FreedomFriday – My Dollar Periwinkle


It’s Freedom Friday and I’m a tad upset about the way everyone is going on and on about the DOLLAR and I’m tempted to ask, what has that gotten to do with the price of Mfi in the market?

What is Mfi?
Mfi aka Periwinkle is that shelled sea food I use to cook my Ekpang Nkwukwo. If you don’t yet understand, find picture attached.

Periwinkle aka Mfi

I went to the market the other day and the Mfi was small for the amount I requested and the girl said to me “dollar is expensive” and I retorted “did you import the Mfi or you caught it in the stream beside us” and she replies “it is affecting everything.” See me o!

I am not an Economist, I am a woman and a thinking one at that, so if everything is tied to dollar, tell me the last time the market girl used a dollar to purchase anything in Nigeria and that’s if she’s had a dollar before (not being nasty, just asking questions that need answers). You see in Nigeria, we pride ourselves in being updated with information whether it is right, wrong or imcomplete.

In the cab today, someone said he heard over the radio that “dollar has come down (I wonder where it went up to in the first place), therefore he will pay less the amount he agreed with the cab guy before entering the cab.” The cabman didn’t accept it of course. I know it’s a chain-reaction, but I’m only voicing my annoyance and the attempt by dollar to deprive my Ekpang Nkwukwo and Plantain porridge of her MFI!

Plantain Porridge

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Thankful Thursday

#ThankfulThursday – New Requests

Lord, we need to talk privately *wink*

Thankful Thursday_250216

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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday

I love a Maya Angelou any day.

I’m sure I’ve seen this quote countless times but today I’m using it again to remind myself that I need to be careful how I say what I say on paper and otherwise, since people will always remember how I made them feel.

My intentions are not to make you feel good always, No! Sorry, if you expected that. As sometimes, you will need a wake-up call to change direction and that might hurt 😦

They are not to make you sad all through either, but to give you LIFE and you know Life is a mix of all things bright, beautiful, sad, lone and happy…the good, the bad and ugly like they say. Or LIFE according to the Bible, but whatever it is you choose, I want you to enjoy every remembrance you have of me that I met you and left you better.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_240216

That, Colleen, is the onerous work on every writer to give every reader something to stop and think about before taking the next step.

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Tuesday Thoughts

#TuesdayThoughts – Remember!

And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; – Genesis 9:15

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Challenge Haiku

To bonds tight and warm…

Baby’s Gratitude

Nestled in Mom’s arms

Latched on as to my life’s source

Warmed and fed I am

One of my Val gifts…our connection

Lover’s Journey

Beyond buddies we

Blossom cuddles and puddles

Destined for each other

*Haiku #85 tight and warm. Thank you Ronovan. You might want to check out others and join the team.

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Lyrical Mondays

#LyricalMonday – He Remembers

(put her members back together according to His divine plans)

Lyrical Mondays_220216

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Freedom Fridays

#FreedomFriday – One Man’s Meat…

Siddon unu…jo ko si bė…tieh tieh nanga, please sit down. He never understood why anytime he was stressed about something he always went into different languages. Maybe that was his own way of escape from the maze. Oh yes! This one was a messy maze. How does one end up in such a twirling confusion, what’s the way out?
Right now I can’t even find my way. Who sent me?!
What did you just say, Mark? What quagmire are you in?
Mark looked up and through William as if he was transparent and Will’s voice was coming from outer space, not beside him. “My brother, hmmmm ‘Our people say a toad does not run in the daylight for nothing, either it is after something or something is after it”’.
“You have started with your proverbs o! *Abeg, get straight to the point, I have a meeting for 5pm at our Joint.”
“So you as you see a whole man like me dey worry, you no dey bothered, when you know sey nothing dey move me men, nothing dey move me! Ode shi!” Mark exclaims beating his chest in triumph and acknowledgement of strength associated with people like him.
“Okay nah, so wetin shelle. Abi we go find interpreter for you?”
“Pastor came to see me yesterday” he continued matter-of-factly “the vision he gave me is troubling. You sabi that babe wey I corner that time, wey bin don take in for me, come born?”

“Yes nah. Pastor told me that the child she gave birth to go waka”
“Praise God! Was he planning for the baby to be crippled before?” Will asked a bit confused as to how this vision meant anything to the economy of the country or that fuel price was about to be increased again. ‘I don’t even understand why we are having this conversation in the first place’, he thought to himself looking at his Rolex watch to confirm he still had time for this somewhat boring gist.
“How can you praise God for my pain?”
“Pain? What are you talking about, I thought…”
“The child is doomed to die soon”, heaving a sigh of regret. “Why would God send me this type of message, I thought we had a relationship, something worthwhile. If He wanted to spoil my reggae with His blues, He should at least have told me directly, why send the Pastor and expose me like that. Where’s the Love in His action? Tell me!” he sobbed.
“Oh, that?! But I warned you to leave that girl alone after all you are married but you wouldn’t listen. Well, He’s a God of mercy, let’s see what happens.”

And the child died!

Read 2nd Samuel 12: 5-7, 12-20

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Words in Pidgin English:
2.Seeing a grown man like me worried doesn’t bother you? When you know I don’t get easily fazed. It won’t get to me!
3. “Okay, so what happened? Should we get an interpreter for you?”
4. You know that babe I befriended back then that got pregnant for me and delivered?
5. “Yes. Pastor told me that the child she gave birth to will die”

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Thankful Thursday

#ThankfulThursday – Love of Family

Sometimes things happen to you and you realise that all you truly have is FAMILY. I came to know that early enough and I don’t joke with mine. Slowly but surely, my Family has grown sooooo large and our surnames are sometimes different. Well, like all families, we have our moments of fun, fights, laugh and craze – but the bond is always there.
To all my family members out there (you know yourselves), this is for you! ❤

Thankful Thursday_180216

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Challenge Haiku

Milk Smooth

Dripping Lips

He talks with finesse

Offering peace with a twist

Smooth deceiver


Be deft in the art

To figure out swindlers

Smooth innocence


Daily I’m inspired to write Haiku. Thank you Ronovan for this opportunity.

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