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#FreedomFriday: A Kaleidoscope of Colours!


Freedom Friday offers me the opportunity to explore and just be me – uncut and raw…in a nice way that is. I’m thinking quietly – maybe loudly and I’m truly tempted to fill your world with the beauty of culture. In Nigeria, we are surrounded by good food and style. As a believer in beauty and good food, I derive pleasure in basking in the pure joys these bring.

So today, I’ll let you in on personal stuff and people I truly love as they display beauty in all their colours. I hope they are pleasing to your eyes, joyful to your heart and widening the smile across your face. Do tell me about it!

©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


The Star in the Child


I had so much to say on this haiku #82 Star&Child, so I did two! Hope you see the Star and the Child in it. What do you think Ronovan and Colleen?

Moonlight Romance

Underneath the starry skies

Months gone, a third appears unplanned

When two became one.

star gazing

Wisemen follow Stars

Grey and searching found

Years before His birth foretold

The star guides the lost.


Picture Source: http://www.cpalms.org/Public/PreviewResourceLesson/Preview/28468

© 2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved