Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Romance


Colleen and Ronovan started a new challenge and you know me, I’m up for a challenge any day especially when it comes to poetry. By the way I just wrote this! Thank you both of you for the motivation to write again!

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Romance”


A Blend of Two Worlds

From one sphere to another I roamed
Seeking one whose complexity I could easily tow
They came, saw, pretended and fled becoming dumb
Say something! Speak your heart’s thought, let it drum
Let the desires form images of songs to which I can dance
I owe no one but me to let loose and do the prance
The chains of conformity have long held me in deformity
Today, tonight, I break free and become one in uniformity
Perhaps it will last a life time that I cannot tell
But when I look back, I desire to have a worthy tale!

©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

Picture Source: http://marriagematters2me.com/romance.html

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  1. What a fabulous poem about attaining the ever elusive, “freedom.” I have been really thinking about what freedom means, lately. Your words, “The chains of conformity have long held me in deformity…” WOW! I keep telling everyone it is alright to be different and sing your own tunes. Now more than ever that is important. Don’t you love the new challenge, Frances? ❤

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