#Weekend Treat – No Use Running


When I was younger, my dad had plenty turntable plates from Don Williams to Dolly Parton to Kenny Rogers to The Commodores to Michael Jackson to Cool and the Gang to Shalamar to Bonny M etc. Being surrounded by all these kinds of songs, I could easily recall the lyrics and sing-along. I never forgot these lines “cos there’s no use running when you’re on the wrong road!”

That’s my contemplation for today. I can’t remember the other part of the song, but most of my family members loved a ‘Don Williams’ any day! I’m wondering what goes through our minds when we are doing what is not right and continue in it. It simply doesn’t make economic sense.

You have taken a wrong decision and the cost is affecting everything/one around you and you keep at it, what are we afraid of? The jeers from on-lookers, the boos from spectators, or the mockery of people who are not going anywhere?

I’d rather stop, think through, return to start again than increase my speed down the wrong road. It is of no value to me when the destination is wrong because the results will not impact positively on my plans. Time (money) has been wasted unknowingly, and having realised the errors, if I continue; that’s foolishness!

By the way, I found the lyrics of Don Williams’ song and it was dealing with broken-down relationship. But you can apply this thought to any area in your life. Stop running down the wrong road, it will lead you to no good!

Jesus said, “I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him. You’ve even seen him!” – John 14:6 (MSG)

The weather vane out on the shed, is looking to the west
I reckon, I’ll head that way, it’s good as any way I guess
Closing this old gate, kinda ends our episode
Cause there’s no use running when you’re on the wrong road

Gal, it wouldn’t take much for someone to define
All the contradicting flashes that burn across our minds
But there’s no way to communicate if you don’t know the code
And there’s no use running when you’re on the wrong road

There’s times I get to thinking about the way it might have been
And I wonder how we got to this state that we’re in

But every word we spoke, only added to the load
And there’s no use running when you’re on the wrong road

Guess, we knew some things you’ve got to fight to win
But you get to standing back when after leading with your chin
We both learned too young that you reap what’s been sowed
And there’s no use running when you’re on the wrong road
No there’s no use running when you’re on the wrong road

©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


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