Challenge Haiku

Dazzling Skies

This week’s Haiku challenge is on Dazzle & Sky

Night Beauties

Gazing in awe and

I’m hypnotized by Azure

Totally taken

Just you to…

Like Diamonds bright

You light up my skies with love

A charm few possess

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©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


Who’s watching…?

I had an interesting conversation this morning with someone and he mentioned I hadn’t been blogging. But I replied in the positive and also commented that I didn’t know he read my blog.

You see, we do things often not realising the crowd that is watching, looking and learning – excited or disappointed at what we have done or failed to. Does this mean, we should stop doing what we have been working on? If what you are engaged in is channelled to change lives, motivate people, improve situations around you or add a glow to someone face in a smile, by all means, No! But if has misdirected and lead people astray in several ways and destroyed what you should have been helping build, then you need to STOP, REFOCUS, CHANGE your vision and DO RIGHT!

They might not always say anything about it or comment, but someone somewhere is watching you to learn or to mock (who knows) as such you might want to work circumspectly. For every opportunity you get to learn something new, maximize it, you might not know when it will come in handy; there’s no end to learning.

I smile as I remember the long list of all I plan to learn and these are Spanish and French Languages, perfect my Communication Skills, probably a class in Culinary prowess (though I can cook), there’s no harm in making an ART out of FOOD, improve my sewing skills and designs etc. Have I started any? Not yet (in a way), but am I doing anything about them, YES! Whenever, I see some dish I can’t cook yet, I ask for the process and try it out. Also I have made several clothes for my children with just needle and thread.

There you go, what are you doing about yours…I am watching, if no one else is.

(c)2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.