#WQWWC – Passion



The sounds roll off my lips and melts in my mouth like heated butter on a hot toast. The pictures my mind conjures, tells every deaf that this one knows how to make me tick. As easily as I inhale and exhale without thought. As seamlessly as a blend of heated oil and oil and a splash of water in the mix for sizzle and sparks. As stormy, as an angry weather on a night when the lace won’t prevent the chill. Fast, like ice rolling down the hill, clinging to more ice, becoming an avalanche! Soothing, like water to a parched throat, whilst the sun tries out her new burners with glee! Free, like breeze chasing after another unseen, regardless of bent-back trees and broken branches. Strong as a rock, convinced, settled with a smug on its face because he knows me too well. Attracted to the impossible, like unlike poles refusing similar, normal traits. Red, burning like fire…dangerous, yet useful in every way if guided.

This and more is what the passion I feel for my King and writing does. How about you?

©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


Picture Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/discover-your-passion-engr-pascal-okeke-mba-mnse-

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  1. Hi, Frances. I love your Nelson Mandela quote!!! Those are some powerful words. He really nailed it. I always see great passion in your writing. When your passion is something that brings you joy it just flows out of your soul. Hugs to you! Have a great week! ❤

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    • I’m tempted to think, you didn’t read my part of the write-up 🙂 but i’ll let that ‘temptation’ pass. LOL.
      Yes Dr. Nelson did. For one, you really know me that I’m totally passionate about my writing. It lifts my spirit!
      Big Hugssssss ❤

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