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Just when I thought

Just when I thought

Just when I thought

It won’t get any worse, you did more!

Just when I thought

Be gone, you long day that’s so fraught!

You said, “make it Rondelet sure”

My frozen tips began to thaw

Just when I thought.

@imanikel 06082020 Frances Kelvin Otung

Ronovan is at it again…and what do you think?



It’s a long road to victory

One that cost us family hours

And an end to smell the flowers

If you must, win! Make history!

Be a part of today’s story.

Don’t let anyone make you sigh,

As they all connivingly vie.

Will you attempt to jeopardize

Or willingly pay for the Prize?

All it takes to see you rise high!

That’s how this week went with Ronovan Décima Poetry Challenge.

@imanikel 06082020 Frances Kelvin Otung

I wish


photo by V Hui

I wish I could step on you and float through to the center
Release my bunch to meet my lost brother
I hope he’d rise above the splash into blue skies,
And join me to play till its bedtime or moon rise.

Would you be able to carry two?
Though by the look of things, he won’t dare you!
It seems, Caesar won’t let my wishes come true this time.
I wish I could rewind time to the day before the crime.

The waves beckon, but remembrance cautions,
Away from the solid sides you go dear phantom,
Away, you go!

*I was missing out on our 100 word story and I found Sonya! Yayy!

@imanikel 06082020 Frances Kelvin Otung