#Freedom Friday – Don’t hate me…

#Freedom Friday – Don’t hate me…

Don’t hate me for dropping lyrics to Him, ascribing to Him all the beauty my mind can conceive.

Don’t give me the eye for lines that fly, in sync with the One who makes me wink, but when I look into them, they make me sink into His unending love.

Don’t start a fight, it’s my right to respond to Him in words that describe how I see Him.

Dear God,
I think You are cool in jeans and a fitted shirt, with a touch of red. I love hats, so I’ll add that to the looks too and maybe some blues.

You are ageless and don’t need to lean, but I’ll give You a walking stick for more swag. I’m not really into blings, so I’ll leave that out, but a dash of grey on the beard is a fact.

I love eyes, I won’t imagine Yours, but when I look into them, make me find a kaleidoscope of colours without defining lines. Let me be drawn in as it goes from Greenish Grey to Brown and other mix of blue in-between.

Your voice, definitely deep and soothing but light enough to hit any modulation when we worship. Your touch, more comforting than any touch my mind could fathom.

You are beyond description, but if I had a choice to give You a face, I won’t because the awe would be too much to grasp.

This is me checking You out this morning and i hope You love my painting of a Friday You!

#UnapologeticallyMe #UnapologeticallyYours

@imanikel 09102020 Frances Kelvin Otung



It started as an answer to a call to offer up sacrifices of Praise, Prayer and Worship/Word in an atmosphere of divine presence. To make the needed sacrifice of Praise and Worship, we had to dismantle altars; those set by our minds, our limitations, the society, negative spiritual altars etc. and raise one that is found on pure adulation to the One True God – Yahweh!

It’s been 9 years plus and what began as a gathering of a handful of people, with less than a 100,000 worshippers has continued to blossom to the glory of God. It’s the 10th year now and every year we enter into a new dimension at The Experience Lagos. Come 4th December 2015, we will be gathered again at the historical Tafawa Balewa Square raising hands, joining discord in harmony to bring worship to the One who holds all things in the palms of His hands – God, our GOD!

It is only in His presence the walls of denomination are broken down and trampled upon unashamed, the same place we experience FULLNESS of JOY which gives us strength to draw from the wells of salvation, decree and change matters. It is here, lives are transformed, renewed, restored and hope is made alive. I am grateful to have been part of the Experience since inception and I can tell you, it is more than magical; you are in another world, lost in Praise, Prayer, Worship and not caring if your wig has flown off or wonder why the tears refuse to stop!

It is the 10th edition and 10 represents Completion. I believe that this years’ Experience will be completely out of this world and I’m so looking forward to it. Yes, I need completion in some areas of my life and the many lives around me. But personally, I have tagged this Experience DELIVERANCE and like my Pastor loves saying “it will end in a DANCE (for me and mine)”. I don’t know what you desire, but keep it in perspective and God will exceed your expectation. While you are considering it, let’s hook up at The Experience 2015. See you there.


(c) 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.

Freedom Friday – Partners in ‘Crime’


Another Freedom Friday and yet another interesting topic, 
as it relates to our society. What's your take?

“Peroh, siddon make we yarn!”

“Bros J, afraid too dey catch me whenever you sey make I siddon, wetin don happen again? Those people for compound find ya trouble for tap? You know sey I no go waste time to arrange person!” he concluded, looking away upset and wondering why Joshua was always this calm. Additionally, since his return from that journey 3 days ago, Bros J had been acting funny. Fine, he is not the loud type, but what kind of leader always allowed the opposition to get away with writing/saying rubbish about him and his ideologies in the press, via BB and Twitter and he won’t bother responding or defending himself.

“Peter! Peter!!” Joshua’s voice brought him back to reality from his dream world. “As I was saying, it is not every battle that you must fight, sometimes you let things go – for peace’s sake. Remember our party is not like the others. We are called to win people to the path of peace.”

“Bros J, abeg abeg, no let me vex with you! Which kain yeye peace? Okay see that BB broadcast wey Romz Party send yesterday, nah true? Oya ansa me, nah true? How will the people be able to believe in what we have to say, when such lies are being traded about us and what we stand for and yet you say not to do anything. They twisted what you had said at the rally for their benefit and you say, ‘Peroh, hold your peace!’”

“Yes, Peter, hold your peace!” Standing up and pacing to the other side of the room, he turns to him, “I could have gotten a bullet-proof car with open roof and ridden like the rest, made Aso-ebi T-shirts and native outfits, sprayed money to sway the people heart towards us, but that is not why we are here. Or is that why you are here?” (Pensively) “I have told you our mandate is different. Yes, I said I have not come to bring Peace but War, you of all people should know how reverse psychology works. My fight is to war against all the wrong and ills of society, thereby bringing peace in the end.”

(Noise and arguments begin outside… )
“You cannot enter this house”
“Officer, get this riff-raff out of the way!” someone barks out the command
(Shuffling and heavy breathing between people outside.)
“You no dey hear? I sey you no go enter here. Period”
Peter pulls back the curtains to see what caused the fracas and he received a slap at the same time which sends him staggering back, Peter tries to steady himself and clear his head before deciding if it was a dream or not.

“Adamu! Adamu!! Show! Point out your leader make me waka from here.”
Adamu walks with uncertainty towards Bros J, stealing side glances at Peter and plotting to duck or make a dive for the door should Peter make any move. It happened as in a split second, by the time Peter got a hold of himself and realised that Adamu had brought the enemy to take Joshua away, Adamu had already hugged him and kissed his cheek as was their customary greeting in the party. Peter made to attack Adamu, but Bros J’s straight back and soft response to Adamu’s gesture stopped him in his track. “Is that all there is to our friendship?”partnership

Forgetting that he was discussing ‘Peace’ earlier with Bros J, he picks the bottle of Fanta on the table and smashes on the wall. “See this Olopa oooo! Dem send you?” and before Joshua could say anything Officer Dim’s ear was on the floor.
Bros J picked the ear, cleaned it and stuck it back and it became as before, except that Officer Dim’s shirt had blood stains, you would not believe something had happened to him. The crowd that had thronged to see what will become of Bros J and his party of so-called peace-seekers gasped in amazement.

“You see, we said it o! This man uses charms. How else did that ear stick back?”
“You don’t know that all these politicians are the same and yet he hides behind the guise of peace”
“Please send me the video, I need to upload it fast fast on Facebook!”

“Peroh, maintain.” And Joshua allowed himself to be led away pending the court-sitting. And Peter followed him from a distance.

Luke 22: 24- 54

Words in Pidgin English:
1) Peter, sit down, let’s talk
2) Bros J, I become afraid whenever you say we should discuss, what has happened again? Did the tenants prevent you from making use of the tap? Tell me and I will deal with them quickly.
3) Bros J, please, please don’t upset me! What kind of silly peace is that? Take for instance, the BB broadcast that the Romz Party sent out yesterday was it true? Go ahead and answer me, was it the truth?
4) Didn’t you hear me? I said no access.
5) Adamu, Adamu, step forward and point out your leader, let’s leave here.
6) See this Policeman, did someone instigate you?
7) Peroh, behave yourself.

Picture courtesy: http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/264375/file-524287786-jpg/images/partnership.jpg

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Freedom Friday – Hope’s Slender Back


It's Freedom Friday! Yippee. 
SeasonedSistah 2 is making progress, see how far she's gone on that journey.
Today, I'm dealing with a Nigerian situation as found in another time...Enjoy!

Hands trailing the soft, silky curtains with floral patterns at the edges all the way to the other side of the window, gathering the folds as she strolls absent-mindedly and then she lets them slip out of her fingers and they fall back into place without a fuse. One could barely tell if there had been movement seconds ago.

Crushed, she falls to the ground, “how could you bless me like this with silence?! How?!” Lovely locks of Brazilian hair falls on either side of her face dropping on the floor, covering her up as if to reinforce the prison her beautiful home had become. A pool of tears and mucus form on the floor, as she wrenches from deep within, from the recess of the pain she has borne for many years. When will I stop seeing this blood?

Agatha! Agatha!! Agatha!!! His concerned voice brings her back to reality. “When will you stop tormenting yourself like this? I am the head of this house, do you realise that I am equally affected?” People will say, “He used his manhood for wealth, in place of having children”. Hmmm, (heaves a sigh of relief and continues) “my family will say, so this is how our legacy will end, won’t Olu give us an heir? They won’t even say a CHILD, but a SON!”

“There you go talking about a son again, when all I really want is a child! No, Olu, they will say, it is that barren woman he brought from his trip to the other land. Why didn’t he marry from amongst his kind? If he did, we would have had many sons including daughters running around his house. Enough for a football team! Barren woman!” And the others will correct them, “A fellow man you mean?”

“Peace be unto this house”, interrupting their private discussion. They turn in unison to behold a prophet with a bell in his hands. As if on cue, Agatha rises to chase him out and Olu to hold her back from doing him any harm. “Please leave our home”, he announces with pleading eyes.

“Agatha, calm down, calm down, he is gone!”

And why won’t they leave us alone?! If it is not a Prophet, it is a Bishop or a Penti-rasta or whatever they call themselves. I am tired of their fake promises, prayers and to crown it all, I am drained from all the sacrifices. Isn’t their God satisfied? Does He want to eat me before He can grant our request? She wails unashamedly into her husband’s arms as he rocks her patting her back in the process. “We will go past this Babes, we will. Don’t give up.”

Some Years later…
Oko mi, Olu my love.”
“You seem rather happy today, what do you need money for?”
“Can’t I praise my husband again, the one that fights my mockers and makes me stand tall regardless of the situation we have found ourselves. Can’t I serenade the one who dotes on me at every opportunity? Sometimes, you make me laugh with your insinuations”
“Just pulling your leg babes, I know you can buy the whole lace in Aswani market, if you chose to. But really, what is the cause of this excitement?”
“Ok, since you asked,” (hesitantly) “I saw that man stroll pass today”
“Which man, have you started having an affair?” he said with mock annoyance
“Be serious for once Olu! I mean the man of God.”
Olu interjects, “I thought we had agreed no more pastors or whatever they call themselves. I don’t want to see you go down that path again. I don’t want to watch you pine, carrying the pain month in, month out, whenever your flow begins after they have come, promised and left.” (visibly upset now) “Hope’s back is wearing thin and I’m not sure how much of this strain it can carry anymore. Don’t do this to yourself babes. I know I had said not to give up hope, but don’t live in the clouds either,” he concludes.
“Oko mi, I believe in this one. Probably because he doesn’t make an effort to show me who he is or what he can do.”
Thank you for your hospitality. As I was praying yesterday, God impressed upon my heart to tell you that by the time of life, you shall bear a son.
Hahahhaa, laughing sadly and in disbelief, Agatha replies, “Pastor Matthew, please do not make a mockery of me, after all these years, after all I said to Him. Is He hungry again or He wants me to resume the tears. *Abeg, leave that matter for Matthias. Sorry, I don’t want to appear disrespectful, but I would appreciate it if we do not have this conversation. Thank you!” As she storms off.

“I warned you o! I warned you o!” rolling from one end of the room to the other, “but you and your God would not listen and leave me alone. Now you have taken him away.”
“I told you not to trust them Agatha, but you won’t listen to me. See what you have done to yourself, to us.” Olu winced in pain and grieved with unseen tears as most men do.
“God, you didn’t tell me this would happen”, Pastor Matthew muttered under his breathe trying to appear calm on the outward. “And now you haven’t said anything, surely, You must have Your reasons”, he soliloquized. (Clearing his throat) “Emmm, excuse me,” he spoke up so she could hear him above her wailing. “I need to be alone with the child and pray.
“Me, I will not allow you go from this house today o!
I bin tell you sey leave me as I dey, una no gree hear”, Agatha reeled out in one breath. Olu shook his head and watched with sadness as he had seen her like this before in their younger years – whilst they waited for a child. She’d often forget that she went to the best schools in England and go off on a tangent in Pidgin English especially when in anguish.

Ayomide! Ayomide!! Ayomide!!! She screamed not knowing if to hug her son, pick him up, dance or roll on the floor. Her joy knew no bounds as she hurried out of Pastor Matthew’s room almost forgetting to say thank you.

2nd Kings 4: 8-37

*Word in Yoruba: My husband
*Words in Pidgin English: Please, leave that matter alone
I told you to leave me alone, but both of you wouldn’t listen!

Picture courtesy: http://rapidlikes.com/best-quotes-on-hope/

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Freedom Friday – Growing up with King Earl & others


What are you afraid of letting someone see? Your humanness? For all you know, that’s what makes you more attractive or appealing to the significant other.

This is a call or call it ‘DARE’ to step out of your comfort zone, make the move to be friendly and maintain the friendship and that’s the first step towards a 1,000 miles which many people dread. Though, the first step, first smile, and even first hello might meet with a stony gaze flung in your direction, overtime when friendship is established, it will add a boost to your ego and raise your boldness bar – although initially, it never feels that way if truth be told. However, remind yourself that people who tend to snub others are trying to hide a part of themselves and their defence mechanism is to snub or shun anyone who attempts to break the barriers they have set round themselves as protection (from who knows what), probably a pain from betrayal which they have refused to let go, or a ‘fear’ about something they heard, which hasn’t happened yet, might never happen or to burst your bubble – will happen, but will make them stronger and more mature.

As we deal with relationships on all fronts like I earlier stated, we will also enjoy the world that has been built by a King in his own rights, and guided by his rules. Dear Reader, if you will not pay ‘obeisance’ to him, don’t bother reading on as he commands authority in the sweetest (and sometimes, most ‘annoying’) of ways.

Welcome to my world of Living and Growing up with King Earl. “Who is King Earl?” you would ask. He is 3 going on 4 years with a strong sense of who he is and what he wants, with analogous maturity of a 30 year old, a really handsome young man with lots of spunk! People wonder why I talk so much about King Earl. Is he an only child? No! The first? No, to that too! He is one individual that’s got a word for every season and always at the right time. Sometimes it comes off as being rude, but the young man is just being himself, an assertive, innocuous child that has been given the rhyming rights to free speech – one would think the world just discovered the new “Martin Luther King” in ‘an EARL’ this time (lol)! From fighting for his sister’s right, to defending me against his Dad or defending his Dad from me, he is everyone’s VOLTRON and Superhero. With King Earl, you cannot (I repeat CANNOT…in caps this time) have the last words.

Enjoy an episode by my dearest King Earl!
Dad: Earl! Earl!! Earl!!!
KE: “Why are you screaming Earl! Earl!!” (Still drawing his horses and dragons on a sheet of paper, with slight irritation on his face) “Is my name EARL?” he says to a bewildered father. “My name is King Earl!” he retorts with pride.
Interpretation: So Dad, either you get the name right and get my attention or suffer my silence :). Perchance you meet him, don’t forget to add ‘King’ to the Earl.
I am surrounded by two Kings. If you call Earl ‘King’ alone, he won’t answer you either as he needs to confirm which of the Kings you are referring to. He might be the younger, but authority is something he understands very well. And that he will not share!

Being open has afforded me the opportunity to speak into people’s lives and re-order their thought process positively. I feel (actually know), that there is a positive and negative way to look at anything. I try (remember I’m human too) to view most things positively so many times, it is a struggle but when I succeed, oh boy, it’s such a joy!

It’s Freedom Friday and what do you have to share? Whilst thinking about it, here’s Seasoned Sistah 2’s journey last week.

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Freedom Friday on a Monday – A Costly Glance


Today’s Freedom Friday is on a Monday…that’s what FREEDOM is all about, but my sincere apologies for being too busy to gather my thoughts together. But I’m here now. Mercy asked, forgiveness received 🙂

Lost in thoughts, oblivious of the wind or the sand that danced around his feet; caught up in the vicious cycle of melancholic thoughts that bombarded his space. A shiver ran down his spine and he realised that the winds were strong and it had actually lifted his *wrapper. “Hmmm, I better get in before it starts to rain”, he soliloquises. From a distance, he watches as the two dots he had focused on earlier whilst in thought, become men walking towards him. “Strangers definitely! I wonder what they are doing in these parts”.

“Welcome”, Adu says to the two men, “you are new around here, your dressing gives you away”.
“You have a keen sense of observation and you seem nice. Actually, we have come because of you!”
Adu’s eyebrow rose in surprise and a questioning look passed swiftly across his face. But before he could voice his questions, they continued. Thinking about it now, after all these years, it was the senior one that spoke on.

“Your crops die, your livestock and source of livelihood diminish because of the many atrocities and abomination done in this land and we have come to cleanse it”.
“Cleanse?” Adu queries, “How do you intend to achieve that? Yes, yields have been bad, but we thought it will pass soon. After all, I had chosen the best part of the land and it was green all through the year. I’m not sure when or where it became bad” He answered truthfully, filled with sadness. “Our exchange rate was good, when compared with other leading currencies of the world. Now, I’m not sure what to make of it. That is why you met me here, actually this is my thinking spot.”
“Not a problem Adu, we will work on all that”
“But how did you know my name? I haven’t introduced myself to you yet. Forgive my manners. I am Adu, Son of Aban, and Cousin to Luckie who lives on the other side of the Sahara. And who are you?”
“Servants of the King, His fixers”
“I’m not sure I understand you, but you are welcome to stay in my house tonight and eat the little we have with my wife and two daughters. Come let us go in for the winds are getting stronger. Perhaps, the gods will send rain and have mercy on our land yet again.”

**“Bros Adu, make you open door bring those bros them come outside. Dem get to drop today today”.
***“Una no dey carry eye see person? Abeg make all man return to him house” If una dey find were to tief or commit, no be for here!”
He remembers how in a split second he was almost mugged and by some stroke of luck he was dragged back into the house. Hmmm, what a night that would have been.

“Woman, hurry up let’s go! Beauty and Peace, please leave all those skimpy jeans and carry something that you can wear anywhere. We are running behind schedule. After last night, you shouldn’t desire to take anything from this place. Hurry up let’s go before it is destroyed!”
Mama Peace interjects “but Papa Beauty, I won’t leave all these my expensive wrappers behind o! ****Which kain thing be this? Where we dey run go?”
“Woman, don’t question my authority. If you are not ready I will leave you behind.”
“But I’m expecting Mama Nkechi to bring the Asoebi for Nnenna’s wedding and now this?” She complained bitterly. “She was to call me back with updates since morning, I wonder what is keeping her”, she mutters as she carries yet another bundle of wrapper and blouse and adds to her already heavy load. Thinking aloud, “at least, I can re-sew some of these into gowns or something else when we get to where we are going”.

As they hurry pass the city gate trying not to make their exit obvious to by-passers, Adu reiterates the ‘Fixers’ warning for the umpteenth time – DO NOT LOOK BACK, as we step out of here no matter what. Our lives here are over and we are going to build a new one out there.

From one street to the next, ducking from prying eyes. Mama Peace tries to catch up. Intermittently repositions the load on her head. Smiling at her achievements of being wise enough to carry a handful of her gold trinkets. Those she can sell and use the money for something else before Adu finds another job to sustain them. “I don’t even know why we allowed those men into our home, now our lives are changed forever. My prospective son-in-laws refused to follow. I can’t blame them. By the way, good riddance to bad rubbish I never really liked them anyway!” She huffs and puffs on.

“Excuse me boss, you have a message!” Mama Peace gasped, she could never miss that ring tone. I’m sure it’s Mama Nkechi and she reaches for her mobile phone that she had put in between the wrapper on her waist and it was nowhere to be found. “Excuse me boss, you have a message!” it cried on and it occurred to her it was a short distance behind her. “DON’T LOOK BACK!” Adu’s earlier warning sounded in her ears at the same time. And she thought to herself, he is in front of me and won’t even notice I blinked.

In that instant, the bundles of wrapper on her head, the blouse on her body, the wrapper on her waist, the slippers on her feet became crystallised and before she could beckon to Adu, her voice ceased and there she stood her things and all and the phone kept ringing, “EXCUSE ME BOSS, YOU HAVE A MESSAGE!”
Genesis 19:1-26

Please read up on Seasoned Sistah 2 vacation. It is full of life and memories

*Wrapper: A piece of material, usually wrapped (probably where we got the name) around the chest or waist area of the body, in a way that it allows free movement. It is a traditional wear in some parts of Nigeria but general everyone or home has a wrapper. Useful as a cover cloth or to carry stuff on the head.

Words in pidgin English:
**Brother Adu, please open the door and bring your guests outside and let us ‘meet, take valuables etc’ from them
***Is this how to receive guests? Everyone should return to his house, there is no room for robbery or vandals here!
****What kind of situation is this? Where are we running to?

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Freedom Friday – Greens


For once I’m short of what to say this Freedom Friday, as it seems Freedom is no longer free. However, I will celebrate the unknown gatekeeper who might not see this post, but sits faithfully at the Tafawa Balewa Square gate, opening and shutting the gate, whilst hoping that the person he just let pass has good intentions.

I celebrate the Horticulturist who posed for a snap shot as I clicked away. I asked his permission to take his picture and he posed for me smiling. His work might get unnoticed, but whenever you come down that bridge by Osborne, remember that someone cared for those flowers and made the land GREEN!

By the way, the two green flower pictures are to cheer Seasoned Sistah 2 up. I hope she loves them like I do.

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Freedom Friday on a Saturday – Change


change-4-1imepycIf you live in Nigeria at the moment, the most popular word in recent times is CHANGE and if ‘CHANGE‘ were to charge us every time we called his name, he’d be smiling to the Bank per second. Sadly, Change can’t afford to be caught in the monotony of stability or ‘sanity’ as he must keep up with his title. Like they say and it is quite paradoxical that “Change Is The Only Constant Thing In Life”. The thought of Change being constant is preposterous!

Well, I’m given to Change, as long as it is for the better. So tonight, I’m going to change things on my knees or standing – however I deem comfortable – through prayers. I need things to be Peaceful, I work on them and I pray. I need a job, I apply, prepare for the post/interview and pray etc. The world is going crazy…I pray and change things.

What if things don’t CHANGE? What if it is all in the grand plan for the end to be beautiful? Then, it is wise to connect with One who knows the end from the beginning and that’s where I am, not just for the moment but for life!

Seasoned Sistah2 came to a point she had to make some changes in her life for the better. Let’s do this trip with her and learn other ways to fight pain. Read it up. Sadly, we couldn’t get her more nature pictures for this week. But lets see how that goes next week.

It’s Freedom Friday on a Saturday, we have to PRAY!

Picture credit: http://www.traintocampaign.london/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/change-4-1imepyc.jpg

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Freedom Friday – Nature 2


Some weeks back we had gone to play with nature but I didn’t post all the pictures. Today, I’m posting some more and besides it’s Freedom Friday so I get to do anything I like whilst secretly hoping you would enjoy it too.

img_0832By the way, Seasoned Sistah 2 is taking a journey down her overcoming all the stress from battling with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the side effects of the drugs, and a journey to come out victorious.It’s a journey and we will walk with her through this LiveJournal. I won’t say much, you’d need to read it up for yourself about this amazing woman that defies pain and fear and is still standing.

Reading through her Freedom Friday, she listed spending a little time with nature, so we will give her a bit of nature today! Hope you like it Seasoned Sistah 2.

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Freedom Friday – My Hair, Her Book and this Toothache


It’s Friday! The usual phrase that goes with it is that “it’s time to let your hair down!” I literally let my hair down and before you go uuhhh, yummy, nice! My ‘hair’, if you remember, is pure African, Kinky and hard to unwind, Going from glory to glory, Full, Black, Looking small until pulled out-kinda-hair. Yup, I let it down or you would say I let it run wild!
I loving the fact that I don’t have to carry someone else’s hair…apologies to all my pretty sisters that love their weaves and attachments (you really look lovely) but I love my freedom. I’m free from the extra weight (my own hair has its volume by the way), loss of frontal hair and heat from dryers – to an extent though. So this is me and the Heritage on Wednesday during the rains

Imani was behind me but managed to give her really warm smile :) that I <3

Imani was behind me but managed to give her really warm smile 🙂 that I ❤

You should suspect by now that King Earl won't take a 'normal' pix

You should suspect by now that King Earl won’t take a ‘normal’ pix

and me today with my hair down.

Surely by now you must know I love books and writing. I look forward to seeing my book in someone’s hand someday soon, but till then (and after then), I will keep reading books that are lovely to behold and full of wisdom. Books that maintain their fun as I read up on their serious matters (content).

Shaunti FeldhahnLife is too serious already, so I love reading writers that know how to infuse humour into their work even if it’s a horror book ( I don’t like horrors o) or a book on numbers (even my dad knows I run from numbers), which you can make fun to read. I tell people I got through my Maths exams by answering them in English and they laugh. Of course they think I’m joking, but that’s the truth. So right now I’m going back to finish up on the book (For Women Only – what you need to know about the inner lives of men by Shaunti Feldhahn) I started months back. I can be like that, especially if I enjoy what I’m reading, I take my time. I will fill you in on what I love about the book as I go on. Deal? Deal!

I watch them wince and hold onto the side of their jaws and wince some more. I can only say ‘SORRY’. And imagine (or try not to imagine) the magnitude of their pain. Now I am in that category.

Back in secondary school, my English teacher Mrs. Umoetuk gave an incomplete sentence and asked us to complete it. No one knew the answer. Perhaps they knew but were too scared to say it, peradventure they got it wrong – trust my colleagues to laugh the living daylights in and out of you! So it was better to keep quiet and look smart. Don’t duck or hide or else she’ll call you. You could try looking at the ‘bright’ ones and pray one of them will speak up before she or any of the other teachers picked on you for solution.

I knew the answer and I spoke up “This toothache is driving me crazy!” It was just a sentence back then, but now I TESTIFY!

Picture source for book: http://trueagape.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/for-women-only.png

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