Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Future: Sonnet & Chiasmus

Day 10 and it’s a wrap. I did it!!! No! We did it!

My ending poem is on a new beginning. I applied the ABAB BCBC CDCD EE rhyming scheme and a bit of CHIASMUS in it, which is simply a reversal. Enjoy!


Not GOOD BYE, but see you later ❤ !

It was just yesterday we started this love affair
Surely, one should have premonitions
Now you say it’s over that’s certainly not fair!
As I deal with my pain of losing love in slow motion

How do I activate my other senses to function?
Thought we had something good too, that, was too good to be true!
Will this path lead to light or unplanned ‘destruction’?
I gave you my ‘all’ for your one, seeking your one for my all and no clue

Yes, I’ve made friends whilst here and not a few
But how do I say good bye to yesterday
Well the world we built through words have stuck like glue!
And as we make sense of our play which began taking steps today?

Here’s to a future of new found passions
With poets of like-minds and no distractions!

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Landscape: Found Poetry & Enumeratio

Day 9: It’s about any Lanscape, exploring it and how you interact with it, using Found Poetry and Enumeratio. I didn’t do the Found Poetry thingy but attempted to initiate Enumeratio into the poem.

University of IFE

Land of Greens, Green trees, grasses, lush vegetation and flowers
Of bright colours and freshness.
With an expanse unending sprawled across lands, stark beauty for even the blind
The landscape looking like home for wild animals, undiscovered flowers and plenty reptiles
With dashes of dark zinc poking through bending trees and streets that lead to another in a maze so winding you become displeased!
Surrounded by hills that seem small from a distance and within arm’s reach.
Your innate beauty is untainted by civilization and too much technology.
I’m revived with each visit and lungful of fresh breeze, scenic pleasure amongst others.

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Drawer: Ode & Apostrophe

Day 8: Had come and gone but I finally found the time to write about one of the drawers that holds something/some things special for me and others and that’s…


My Office Drawer:

Brown, perhaps burnt orange or a colour in that family
You stand lost in a room of similar colours and drawers
Nothing exceptional at first sight …especially, if sight alone is one’s interest.
Yet words cannot describe the joy I see as I watch her walk expectantly towards you
And without thought pulls you out and just typical, you turn down her touch,
Refusing to budge…”get the key!” you say under your breathe
It comes out as a command, to which I alone hear and smile
But she obeys and minutes later leaves smiling and promising to visit again.

“I wonder why she gets all the attention” others murmur
Humming a tune you alone are attuned, to you ignore.
How do you explain that your uniqueness is in your content?
The joy of it brings to every visitor.
I won’t be so quick to give you an award, for I have
Sadness seen on many a faces when their expectation meets no response
When hope is dashed at the sight of an empty drawer
And hunger pangs ring on another octave!

On days like this, I come to your defence
As a lawyer and a friend
“if you want to take something out, you have to put two
So you eat one and I leave the rest for you!”
The same story lines I hear most times, “I will refill”
Some give me thrills cos I know it’s real
Others I shrug off and plan on my next move to sort you
In all, you hold everything that makes the stomach full and the heart glad.

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Finger: Prose Poetry & Assonance

Day 7: I just did a Prose Poetry with a bit of Assonance on FINGERS! And i just love it 🙂


I’d love to write about my ring as it represents all the good reasons my heart sings and my drum beats to the flowing sounds of spring. I could write about the joys I get when I toy with the keys of my keyboard as I deploy my thoughts for you my Love. But I choose to share the love that flows every time those fingers circle my knees, saying “mummy please” or “I love you”, not once and coming from two and I know those words are true. I celebrate my Heritage’s fingers and all the love it triggers.

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Hero(ine): Ballad & Anaphora/Epistrophe

Day 6: Yesterday’s poetry was on your Hero(ine) in Ballad form using Anaphora (a-NAH-fra) and Epistrophe (eh-PIS-tro-fee). I love being different and that means sometimes breaking the law…in a good way 🙂 *wink* Relax…I’m sure you will enjoy this ride!

My Driving Forces…

Pastor Paul
Pastor Paul

Pull out your tent pegs
Enlarge your borders cos…
Something is about to happen! He begins
Something! I can’t explain it. He continues
Something! I can’t describe it! He bellows
Something! I can’t deny it! He crescendos
Something…is about to happen in your life! He concludes.
Some things have happened and I’m believing God for more my Pastor

Mama <3
Mama ❤

“Even if no one loves you, Darling I love you!”
Wiping the tears, that fell without cue on you.
Heaves and she had joined in the free-for-all sobs
Today’s stopped, but a bleeding heart will enjoy more sobs
The sweet part is knowing I have a Mom I can count on
To be there through it all and get my groove back on!
For all the times you gave with no thoughts for you
I love you right back and will raise my flag always for you!

The King
The King

I call you King, not because it’s some fancy name
I call you King, not because it a title on a frame
I call you King, not because it’s just a pet name
I call you King, not for its’ attendant fame
I call you King, cos that’s who you really are
I call you King, and others acknowledge it near and far.
I call you King, because it’s not just your name
I call you King, for you really do make my ‘storms’ game!

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Fog: Elegy & Metaphor

Day 5: Fog: Elegy & Metaphor.


Birthday came with her handbag full of joys and good wishes
She shared them unequally as she deemed fit
Some got more prayers and other less layers
So I couldn’t understand days later, on a bright morning
Why my heart fluttered as if from mourning
I got a call…not unusual, but really crucial
To hear, you had said ‘good night’ that morning.

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Animal: Concrete Poetry & Enjambment

Day 4: I’m making it just before the chime clocks 12! It is about Animals, using Concrete Poetry and Enjambment. I hope you were able to decipher the animal here. LOL!

                                         ‘KING EARL & HIS ‘PETS’

                                He started out with ‘reeeeee’ the sound of

                    an elephant, I wondered why as he was little and his desires

quite large I most say. This passion grew as he grew, and one day I heard a ‘neigh’ and   knew something new he had found!

                    From a dislike due                                                  to fright, his dad

                     restructured his                                                      fears and now he

                       treads where                                                           others dread

             and his love from the maned                                 ones, as his drawing fames!

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Trust: Acrostic & Internal Rhyme

Day 3: Is on Trust. My poem should actually be called distrust but because I started out to create the opposite, I’ll let you be the judge!

Trying to build the bridge across the ridge I
Rescinded on an earlier pledge to be free of love’s subtle sledge
Usurping peaceful currents and bringing torrents of
Slander, the pieces fell from my hands to pieces
Trust was crushed before it began at all!

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Journey: Limerick & Alliteration

Getting more interesting. Here’s day two for you.

Baby on Board

A Baby’s Journey…regardless

Speeding strong along in swift sweaty strides
The first to embrace the egg does so with pride
Concluding a night of pure passion
At times, amid trying tension
And after all the push and huffs, a sweet baby cries

Face in soft skin sucking tits
To gums gnashing the tips to bits
Slam! And the spoon slides
More work and mummy sighs
Sending a frown towards her gift

All grown, gawky and girl-zone cold
As football, video games and cards unfold
One sunny spring a song so sweet
Make lovers dance to untamed beats
Baby’s not baby anymore – if truth be told!

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Water: Haiku & Simile

Today we begin Writing 201 – Poetry. I posted two poems. this is my very first Haiku, I hope I got it right.

When pressures gets me hot
Your love Like water
Sweeps over, calling its bluff

Water – your many attributes!
Dry and cracked with patterns that make the Sahara look lush
Is one who has waited for your appearing
Like a forlorn lover checking each shadow to see if it’s got that touch
Her gaze to the sun appealing 
For a drop so refreshing.
Your calmness is deceptive, hiding your depths
Your anger burns hotter than a jealous lover
As you carry in your wake breaths
Homes, histories, landmarks leaving no cover
A surge, not refreshing
“You are sweet in a cup” my mummy says
The same which assuages thirst
For she has seen your wanton ways
And acknowledges it not to be your first
Like diamond, water has many intrigues
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