Happy 2nd Blogging Anniversary

anniversary-2x6266 hits

346 posts

2 drafts

2739 visitors

170 best view on June 5th (I’m wondering what I wrote about that day 🙂 )

1178 highest views (in the US). My own country is 3rd place 🙂

Happy 2nd anniversary to me yesterday on WordPress and I didn’t even realise it. I’m grateful for the views, the numbers, the ability to still write regardless of how I felt. Beyond that, I am overwhelmed by the friends I have made, the lives I have connected with and impacted (I hope) and the cultures I’ve been part of and the thrills they have given me.

Thank you Team WordPress …you Rock!

Here’s to more sweet years ahead with friends and readers and new ones. Let’s do this right!

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Reminiscing on the gain/pain of relationships

In the story called “My Life”, written as each day unfolds. I’ve met other lives and been part of their story. Most started well and some didn’t…. But for every life I came across, I always made it one filled with a bit of me in my entirety. Not just the loving sweet me, but also the passionate fiery me! Some could handle that – but others melted under the heat my fire brewed.

As I wove my way through their winding path, earnestly trying to play my part, my heart connected and danced to their rhythm. Yet when the end came and they went off the stage…my stage, our stage…to continue elsewhere, the pain of separation was more than only I could bear. Some memories hurt at the thought of them…at times I wonder, must I walk this path?!

It’s been years, and a lot of tears.

But now I can look back and be grateful for every life I played a part. For then I thought I should have acted differently…how wrong I was, as they’ve returned somehow to thank me for allowing them into mine and though it hurt back then, for these gains, I’ll “gladly” go through the pains again.

Happy New Month to you, may it be truly fruitful! ❤

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Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was on the 8th of November and I was thus inspired to say thank you for sharing these years with me.

On the 8th
On the 8th…going out
The Kings and I
The Kings and I
Birthday cake
Happy birthday to me

Life they say begins at 40 but mine had started years before now

Or how else do I explain the many goodness God has shown

How He has blessed me with a Heritage wise beyond their ages

And a King who reigns in his domain with ease and many graces

A family beyond birth and blood who love me with their lives

Whilst surrounding me with prayers on which I thrive

Friends that love me even when oceans try to separate

Yet at even occasion remind me of how we celebrate

So when I say mine had begun before now

Believe it and don’t ask how?

Rather tap into the Joys of knowing and having God

For with Him it is always good.

Otibhor and I – 10112014

Happy birthday to me as I celebrate everyone who shares this day and month with me.

Pouting and smiling :)
Pouting and smiling 🙂
Imani and Iman
Imani and Iman
King Earl and Iman
King Earl and Iman


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Blogging 101

Blogging 101 – who & why

The last time I checked, I’m human with my own peculiarities, fetishes, ‘craze’ and cravings. Beyond that which makes me human, I’m supernatural with a love of and for books. Beautifully bonded journals beckon on me to caress their pages with my ink and breathe life into them; the thoughts on my mind seeking escape find solace in the words I’m able to write down. Sometimes, I’m lost for words, yet these are the experiences I desire to share with people (like or not-like me) while tasting their world for other sources of fun.

Simply put, I love Love, Life (with all its packages) and Laughter!

A mother to two awesome children (whom I call Heritage), one teaches me how to sound my words (she’s going to be 6 years old next week) and the other gives me sweet kisses on the forehead and at the same time gets me rolling over with laughter whenever he gives his famous one-liners. My world would be totally incomplete without them. And yes, I have a King to thank for making them a reality.

Being a mother affords me the opportunity to experience first-hand all their antics, share their pain and “Mummy, I want to tell you something” moments.

I love God and we have a real relationship where we talk in various forms…sometimes I write Him poems or letters; other times, I pray, sing or just remain silent. I love family and really do appreciate nature. Pictures and beauty gives me joy anytime of the day and I have an eye for details.

Blogging is another means of letting others into my crazy world of fun. I may not say it the way you’d love to hear it, but indulge me, I’m just being myself (which is hard enough) being you would be cool but I’m not ready to try 🙂