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The Nigerian in me ;)

I’m Nigerian, proudly AK, I believe in transformation, excellence (thank you Pst Paul of Lagos…LOL), all things leading somewhere to happen, impacting lives and changing statusquo. I’m Nigerian (I repeat) and I’m proud. Corruption has got nothing on me (no thanks Cameron).

People are entitled to their opinion and so I will grant them their due audience, though I made a covenant with my ears (earlier in the year) not to listen to anything negative – visual or audio. I might look at it or listen so as to know how to address it, but I do not entertain it, invite it into my heart and home or give it a dwelling place in my sphere. There is so much negativity trading and showing off already, why would I go a-searching for more?!

That people say we are bad, ill-mannered, fantastically-corrupt, and all dem bad-bad names dem a call we (forgive the fake patwah) does it mean you should wear the tag gladly without making any attempt to work on what needs correcting? Yes, they have pointed all these out, why not take their opinion as a list of things to strike off our pattern of behaviour and form new and better ones worth emulating?

I’m Nigerian, Born-again and Proud of where I drink from spiritually. I am taught to keep my biscuit and chocolate wrap with me till I get to the bin and deposit it nicely. It has gotten so bad that yesterday, when I walked into a mall, I saw a wrap and then a plastic bottle on the floor I almost picked them up before moving on. No I didn’t pick them for many reasons; but the one we do often (my King and I) is we don’t let you get away with dumping your trash on the road whilst driving. If you attempt to or do it, we would drive up to you and inform you to keep it in your car till you are able to do it. I don’t know what it is, but everyone we have told this, always look sober and apologetic. Whether they keep up with the new-found habit is what we cannot tell or confirm.

Last week, someone close to me, absentmindedly dropped something very tiny from the car and before I realised it, the deed had been done. Oh yes, I gave the ‘lecture’ which the person already knows for your information and I also observed on that beautiful day, the response I got innocently was “It’s the Nigerian in me”. I told the person I would write about it, so we all learn to curb that “Nigerian in us” that wants to remain in the not-going-anywhere-to-become-better-arena. Guess what, the tiny particle even refused to drop from the car and got stuck between the window and the door! LOL. We had a good laugh.

We all have “the Nigerian in us” but here is a call to consciously decide daily which Nigerian we allow show wherever we are and whilst you are thinking about it, I hail o! *Twale!

*AK – Akwa Ibom

*Twale – A form of greeting

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Ekpang Nkwukwo

Humming … “I can only imagine”

Yes o! I can only imagine the multitude of people salivating at my topic. Well, that is relative and dependent on my crowd being mostly Nigerians and a few people outside Naija and Africa who know what I’m talking about.

My friends (FK and Lucille) and I had a discussion about a dish I could cook and I chose Ekpang Nkwukwo amongst so many more. To ensure it wasn’t just about something I picked up from the net and forwarded, I made up my mind to cook the main thing and send via web to them. I’m so looking forward to the time when you can cyber-taste food, so Lucille won’t have to travel all the way and neither would I.

Dear Dream Readers, here’s what I came up with and for your information, the Periwinkle is for FK alone as she plans to cook Ekpang Nkwukwo also, but can’t seem to find Periwinkle to add – so I’m sending her these. Hope it will suffice FK. *wink*.

I guess most of you would want to know the process and the ingredients to use, so I’ll suggest this link to you. Don’t tell FK I said this, but that’s where she’s learning to cook hers. LOL

Periwinkle aka Mfi
Periwinkle aka Mfi

Getting cooked with other ingredients
Getting cooked with other ingredients

As for the final thing, I can only give you a plate, as I have so many mouths waiting to enjoy it with me. Besides, I made mine a bit dry, so by the time you add enough liquid to get the porridge, it should go round everyone that wants to taste. I trust I made your evening pleasurable.

Behold...Ekpang Nkwukwo
Behold…Ekpang Nkwukwo

Pray tell, how did it taste, what would you like for me to cook for you next time?

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I don’t need to contest

Does it bother me that election is around the corner…hmmm maybe.

Not because of the results, but what people would do to achieve these results and it gets me thinking, do we have to go that far to make a difference? We were told in the news to take 7th November off and go pick up our permanent voter card. I couldn’t be off work but those that were (like my King) went to the same venue we got the temporary card years back and didn’t meet anyone. He repeated that journey twice that day and same thing. Someone advised him to go to the APC office…now I’m not sure where that is. Well, the issue of non-availability of permanent voters’ card will be a matter for another day soon.

Right now, with everyone promising us Heaven on Earth and in the Deep Blue Sea and our hearts saying abi nah singing “It’s the same old song…” what do we do? If you were me (us) what would you do? We have to vote whether we like it or not, but the sad part will be when we have 12 bad eggs and have to choose one. What happened to the good eggs?

So this is my take, let’s break, throw, flush, and dispose all the bad eggs and leave the podium for good eggs to roll on. Nigeria, has gotten to the point that we are no longer fooled by empty promises…Not like we didn’t know the difference before o! But when faced with so many bad options, we chose the ‘lesser evil’. Whilst you are thinking about it, who will do this flushing?

I sit and watch the drama unfold, the different scene. As one airs the other’s dirty linen outside just to discredit him/her, but you are dealing with intellectuals here Mr. Politician. How do you want us to view you when you take over, as a vengeful person who can’t fight square? Stop showing us their backside that is bent, dance ya own dance and let us determine if you are fit for our stage. What is your antecedent? What did you do the last time we gave you that opportunity? Shouldn’t there be a retirement age for Politicians? Why won’t they let the young ones try out their wisdom at ruling and taking decisions ehen? Nso ke ado?! What is it? I’m exasperated to the point that I could easily write the rest in my native language.

‘Akwa Ibom ado ok’ (Akwa Ibom is okay) and if you don’t believe me, take a trip there. Like the Governor would say there is uncommon transformation.

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

I said that to say this, rather than spend millions to buy a form for the Presidential Elections, I’d rather use that money to transform this nation and there are so many projects begging to be handled. Posterity would thank me later and even if they didn’t, the satisfaction I’d get from seeing joy on peoples’ faces for lighting up their dark (literally) would be immense…the naysayers regardless.

Before you spend that money and lose the election because you can’t play dirty like them, use it and continue the good works or start one. A word is enough for the wise. I’m done!

Photo 101

Photography 101-Water

Our great Afrobeat King, Fela sang “Water e no get enemy”.
Meaning that, ‘Water is a friend to all and accepts everybody. Whether to Life or to Death, it delivers on its promise.’

In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria we have an adage that says “Water alone washes dirt, dirt does not wash water”. It is against this backdrop that I present to you the fountain, filled with stones and one being prominent. I’m not sure the significance but I know the BIG one could only signify God or the main one (the leader), as this fountain is resident in a church.

Vertical view of the Rock Fountain at the Rock Cathedral, Lekki

As a believer, water is required during baptism, and with the word, one comes into new birth.

Horizontal view of the Rock Fountain at the Rock Cathedral, Lekki
Horizontal view of the Rock Fountain at the Rock Cathedral, Lekki