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Writer’s Quote Wednesday



For the l ❤ ve of Books and Words

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I’m not sure who really the author of this quote is, as I saw many “Andrew Wolfe”, hence I don’t have anything to say about him. Forgive me 🙂

But I truly loved it that he equated ‘words’ with LOVE. Thinking about it, it would not only be EMPTY, it would be boring and lifeless and every other word that signifies deadness. Knowing this, I choose my words carefully because if I feel love, I would want my readers to experience every emotion I felt in that state and if it was a kiss (and a glorious one at that!), you’d truly want to be kissed when I’m done writing about….

For me, the ability to make your readers feel everything you feel whilst writing, is a gift we writers should hold in awe!

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