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Quotes I love….! Lighthouse.


Since my encounter with an Anne Lamott quote, I enjoy reading from her. So I went searching and today’s find is a treasure! A simple truth, but with deep meanings and it got me thinking of the Christian setting/environment of these times.

Jesus, during His earthly work here, went about sorting people and their issues out and when it was time to leave, He handed over to his disciples and left the Holy Spirit with them too, whose assignment was to point them back to Christ; say what He hears about Christ, not just any gist.

These days, people have stopped looking at Jesus, they look at the Pastor and expect him to work miracles, change their lives, make everything better, make all their dreams come true with little or no effort on their part. They are not interested in working or finding some activity to engage in. Lighthouse_250416

Like Anne’s quote here, your Pastor or leader is meant to point the way out to you. But the interesting thing about Christ is that He has given us the Bible and the Spirit to guide us, so that we don’t get misled by the Pastor or some leader. But after listening, go and study for ourselves and find out more about the One we are in a relationship with. A call to repentance is not a call to laziness or beggarly mentality. Do not be the reason another will speak ill or talk down on Christ because of your inactivity or lack of desire to BECOME!

Matthew 5:16 encourages us to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Does that mean we shouldn’t be fishers of men? No! But it’s a call to realize that you have 32 teeth and milk isn’t your thing anymore, but strong meat. Besides the Kingdom has babies she needs to attend to and needs your help with. Rather than be a boat that always needs saving, be a lighthouse, lead others to the Saviour.

Picture Source: https://tracykauffman.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/beauty-of-lighthouses/

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#Writer’s Ouote Wednesday


Confession time:
I almost repeated Colleen’s quote for today because it resonanted something in me and that is gratitude to the medium of expression. I know I always celebrate writing and putting forth what you believe in as against what another said off-handedly. But today, I realised again and more intensely that my journal, blank book, keyboard, laptop, pen all need to be celebrated too!

To all my media for expression, thank you, I celebrate you!

Writer's Quote Wednesday_100216

I chose an Anne Lamott quote also. For the times I didn’t really understand, yet I kept writing and in the end it made sense to another in such a great way, I’m grateful and I attribute it to GRACE that never leaves us where it found us. May this quote inspire you as a writer to never leave a life the way you met it. If that life is a good one already, add your best to it, leave your touch in that life. I just touched yours by the way. wink

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