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#WQWWC – Artist


I was doubly excited when I saw today’s challenge https://silverthreading.com/2016/04/27/writers-quote-wednesday-writing-challenge-artist/ don’t be in a hurry, you will soon understand why.

You see my 4 year old son King-Earl and his sister saw me to the office today (as almost always) and they had to hang around a bit, whilst Imani finished up on her composition. By the time I got upstairs from morning devotion, King-Earl had drawn on our White board. Tell me what you think of it.


King-Earl’s explanations:

Once upon a time, there were plenty animals, a Ladybug, a flying Dragon, a Water-Dragon and a Jumping Fish.

The Flying Dragon spits fire as he flies. Beneath him is the Water-Dragon that lives in the water, who drinks and then spits out the water. At this point, King-Earl lifted his hands up to show how high the water went when he sprayed it out. “It goes up, up, up!”. In the seas below, he painted a jumping fish running away to safety and a Lady-bug. To complete the picture, he added some clouds and the Sun. And his dad signed off the picture for him!

He got back from school and added Landscape to the picture, with a Lion and a Kitty-Cat strolling beside each other.

He might not be called Leonardo da Vinci, but what he carries on his inside is something the world will marvel at shortly! That’s my King-Earl O. for you and he made my response to today’s challenge a walk in the park <3!

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_010715

For me everything is an ART! Everything! So whether I’m cooking or making up or something else that’s unplanned *wink* – I am creative about it.

Creativity here refers to unlocking the restrained and just pouring out your core on the plain paper or typing away. Perhaps throwing one ingredient after the other (especially those ones you were told don’t mix…hehehehehe).

Today, I’m drawing out the ART in everyone, daring them to leap and just let go and be themselves while writing. You can always edit it later and by then you are able to decide if to take it out or let it stay! Wherever you are pointing your arrow, make sure there’s a target.

When you have a Writer’s Block, come visit Colleen at Silver Threading, you will find lots of remedy there and then just hammer away on your system, till the blocks give way. I’m smiling already, see you there! 🙂

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