The Versatile Award

It seems someone missed me during my period of absence from the blog world :). I’ve been away for soooo long and yet I got an award. Now that makes me feel ‘guilty’. So I’m back berryduchess (my red lipstick loving blog friend) wink, thank you for making me a part of this fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your 7 facts.

So here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them.


My 7 Facts:

  1. I love good tasty food (must be spicy, if it’s not salad) and experimenting with them at the same time.20150330_205330_LLS 20150330_205943_LLS
  2. If you wake me up and ask for a poem or a write up, I can easily work it…of course, like every writer, I have the block to deal with occasionally, sometimes for long 🙂
    1. My first poems did not have rhyming scheme till my friend Ayus told me to try to rhyming and since then writing a poem without rhyming is difficult but I sailed through my Writing 201 – Poetry
  3. I love listening to children and talking with them. I find their conversation rather intriguing. Check out some of my conversations with them in Project Laughter
  4. Apart from series which I love a lot like berryduchess, I enjoy cartoons. I love listening to the mischievous character, they make the movie more interesting! Ask Zazzu & Scar in Lion 1 and Timon in Lion King 3 , you have to watch this for yourself. Like King Earl would say, that’s so very funny! View 3:20 – 5:20
  5. Red is my favourite color at the moment, it pops and I pop with it! I have stayed long in this season but inbetween I do Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, I hear Purple looks good on me but I love RED!
  6. I love me some good Soul songs, Gospel, Blues, Soft Rock, Jazz and my African beads any day over gold.20150420_194732 20150420_194829
  7. I’m emotional, love deeply, and when hurt, I run…I make good comedy with King and give him some lines, but would never dream of doing that in public.

My nominees are

All those who love to share what we don’t know about, like:

  1. Lucille I always pick on her 🙂
  2. I-read
  3. In my purple reverie
  4. Seasonedsistah2
  5. Colleen

Sorry I couldn’t think up more and just so you know, I love family sooooooo much!

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A Personal Note

I always say that God keeps leaving people in my way to be the hand that gives the hug (when I need one), the shoulder for me to lean on, the one that gives a timely word to lift me above my pain. This is one of them and she wrote this years back in when I felt the world was on my shoulder. I kinda feel like that on and off and what a joy to stumble on two of her notes. Here’s one.


Do not despair
You might be pressed on all sides, keep pushing.
The world might be caving in but hang in there
Keep on keeping on
Because you’re at the brink of your change
Something is about to happen
You are about to birth your baby
The pains you’re experiencing are those of a travailing woman.
You are about to carry your baby.
Don’t get weary
And don’t be teary
Be bold, lift your head up high
And put a smile on that lovely face of yours.
Why are you, so downcast?
Put your hope in God.
The joy that you have was not given by the world
So they can’t take it away.
Remember, to stay in the cleft of God’s Rock.
It’ll be okay.
Laugh at the devil. He has failed.
I love you
And need to see that smile you know a lot of lives depend on that.

Who else!

Letters People I've met

Ayus 4 sure

…and the song goes “who do you love?” we replied “Ayus 4 sure” and we all giggled.

Dear Ebony,

Funny how we met and became close over 22 years now…how times flies. Ours was not one of those planned meetings, maybe Divinity designed it that way before the foundations of the Earth, but somehow we struck a cord that has been difficult to break…who wants to break or spoil a good thing anyway?

Life and love has done its bit to put distance between us, so have other friends and ‘fiends’; but somehow we know the truth. You are one of those people I don’t have to dress up for (with you, I’m just me). Back then you were not the chatty type, but those who knew us thought I knew the fabric your dreams were made up of. Over the years, we have grown and have spoken…the things you didn’t tell me in school, my ‘concerns’ about your silence, have found answers. In one day you told me everything I needed to know from across 7 seas…and encouraged me to ask you about anything, which I did. Now I lay claims to knowing things others don’t 🙂 In that one conversation, you asked your own questions, stated your ‘fears’ and got your answers.

Strange how I started out being friends with your sister Ebikela whom I call ‘PC’ aka ‘Partners-in-Crime/Partners-in-Christ’, and ended up with you. Now my family and yours acknowledge me as your friend rather than hers. Other friends have come into my life like Darlene (Uche), Bola, Otibhor, etc. and for every one of them, I’m thankful for the part each play in my life…in your present absence.

Why do I love you?

For always knowing when I needed a good word, a rebuke, a hug…you can be such a Mummy, though I’m a year older…and you have a HEART!

For the poems, that said “I care and my shoulder is strong enough to carry that burden you bear,” I still have most of those poems you know…

You even wrote me a song …just for my birthday. Do you still remember the tune?

For the prayers, when my pains were beyond words and tears were all you got (especially in love matters…more like broken-heart issues),

For watching my back and wanting me to embrace peace at all cost.

For always remembering my birthday and I yours…you said to me some years ago when I made all attempts and couldn’t reach you on your birth date “that the jinx was broken”. God knows I tried, but hey…life happens. LOL

You taught me how to rhyme my poetry lines, now writing without rhymes is so difficult…sometimes I miss that! Also showing action via words in my poems, allowing my mind to run wild and free. It’s been a wonder-filled ride in that genre, all because you pointed the way *wink*

I know you know I love you but how much is what you are yet to grasp, and while you are still thinking about that, I ask again “who do you love?”

Always your Ivory.

* Challenge for My Dear Watson