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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday


It’s no lie, I have missed Colleen and her team of inspiring writers. Wow! But guess what!? I’m back.

What’s the driving force behind a man chasing hard after a girl even when she initially said no to him? I think it’s a belief in what he feels and so desperately wants to share with her, which keeps him wondering why she can’t feel it too.

For writers, it is important to BELIEVE in whatever it is you are writing about. If you don’t, even an untrained eye can tell you are a phony. Belief in your passion is like the baby at the edge of breaking through her mother’s matrix, you can’t stop that motion. It is like sweat oozing out of every pore when the room is hot…yes, we wipe it, but it keeps coming out until you do something about the situation.

Writing has gone beyond just spreading words on blank surfaces and re-arranging them for visual pleasure to real experiences; one where your readers are practically transported into that realm with you. Such is the power of words. Little wonder God made good use of His in creation.

I try (and I think I’m getting good at it) to share what I believe in through every prose, poetry, picture I share. Whether I succeed in giving you that experience as I felt it, I won’t know until you tell me. Till then, I’ll keep sharing my beliefs and today the Bible says my heart. Enjoy and get inspired.

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