Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

It’s all about celebrating each season and learning from it the lessons it brings.

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Hello Reader…we really should get a face to your name 🙂

This is my first post for this year and you won’t believe it, I have written a couple in my mind but putting it up has been an issue. I’m not starting the year on a lazy note, just been occupied with other matters. I trust you had a wonderful holiday away with family and friends. I did and wished it lingered longer. I’m setting some plans in my mind concerning spening quality time whenever I’m with family. So here’s my thought for today.

Not knowing what the year will be declared as, I sent messages praying that the year will be fulfilling in every way to all who received these messages. Oh what a joy to realise that 2015 has been named a YEAR OF FULFILLMENT in church.

Therefore, no more half-measures concerning me or mine. Until my joy is complete, I’m not taking ‘NO’ for an answer, except that ‘NO’ is cloaked as divine re-direction towards fulfilment and pure unprecedented JOY that is bubbling without end. I want it all and complete – nothing missing or broken. Not an-almost-there blessing or an it-could-have-been but the whole works. For He is God and He is able to do exceeding, abundantly far above all I can ask, think or imagine and beyond that – He is ready and willing to do it. So why would I short-change myself and receive less than His best for me? Why?! Tell me why?

No more will I ‘ridicule’ God with my small-asking and belittle His ability to blow my mind. If I can’t ask for it in my understanding, I will be still and let Him be God with expectancy in my heart, I know every answer He gives me will be FULFILLING IN EVERY WAY.

Happy New Year!!!

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The Word

The ANSWER questions

Amidst the many wonderful and out-of-this-world-names that we call HIM or address Him as – trying to understand an Infinite God through our finite minds and limited abilities, I also call Him THE ANSWER.

How do you handle your confusion when The Answer asks a question?

Is it that, He doesn’t have answers anymore?

At what point did He lose that ability?

My mind ponders on why The Answer would have questions and dare to ask them…ask me a mortal. What does He expect of me? How do I defend this “inadequacy”?

I wonder and ponder.

Yet at the same time, it occurs to me that these Questions are aimed or fired at my faithlessness or loss of what I once had. He is questioning the new found friend that I have chosen to listen to called DOUBT. Not something I did willingly (I think) but by not showing belief in Him and His promises, I pledged allegiance to Doubt.

In His usual way of not giving up on me, fights back to retrieve me from those vile clutches and save my soul. Therefore, He doesn’t sit still with His lips sealed, but thunders…

  • Is any thing too hard for the Lord? – Genesis 18:14
  • What will ye that I shall do unto you? – Matthew 20:32b
  • I will ask you one thing; is it lawful on the Sabbath days to do good, or to do evil? To save life, or to destroy it? – Luke 6:9
  • Who touched my clothes? – Mark 5:30b
  • Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? – Job 38:4a
  • Can these bones live? – Ezekiel 37:3a
  • Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? – John 21:17 (No way, you aren’t getting off that easy on the last question, please insert your name there instead) Rephrase

Frances, daughter of Udo, lovest thou me?

And she said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto her, Feed my sheep.

I’m doing that right now by letting you know He loves you, goes the length and more for you and yours, will always be waiting for you to return home, oh ‘Prodigal’. He has asked a question, what will your answer be?

The ball is in your court, baby!

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Are you a good friend?

I promised yesterday to post the whole article from my friend.

“We keep complaining that we don’t have good friends, but have not made any efforts on our part to be a good friend to others. Do not expect from others what you are not willing to give; neither should you complain when your expectations are not met because in life when you sow cassava for instance, you reap that exactly.
It would be an anomaly to sow cassava, and reap corn.
If you want friends to give you more time, do same; if you want loyalty and faithfulness, be loyal and faithful; you want them to act in sacrificial ways, do same too.
Hence, if you reap a strange harvest (you see seeds which you did not sow sprout), you are within your rights to challenge such a harvest and not put up with it!”

Unyime-Ivy King

Lyrical Mondays Poems

Lyrical Monday on a Tuesday

At times we do battles that seem unending and needing help we turn to God…hahahaha. I had one of such battles. Enjoy!

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Celebrating Nigeria

We are 54 years today.

54 years of going through the birth, teething, crawling and walking stages and yes occasionally we run. As one who sees peace behind or in the midst of every storm, light in the darkest of places and beauty regardless of the dreary that abounds, I will dwell on the Hope, Strength, Faith and Love that keeps us going.

A part of our national anthem says “One Nation bound in Freedom…” and it struck me that to be bound meant restrain, have limited or no movement and thereby negative. But my joy knew no bounds (pun unintended) because it is FREEDOM that holds us in. despite every opposition, a typical Nigerian is an “I-don’t-care” person that always has hope to the point that he knows in his heart that if you won’t help him, another will.

That is the FREEDOM, the enemies of progress don’t get. How can they be happy in the midst of everything? How can they sing songs?! How can they still pray and dare to believe it will change and get better than this?!

But I ask….

                 Why shouldn’t we?!!!
Why does it upset you that we are not giving up or in easily?
Why try so hard to tear us apart and sow seeds of discord and disunity.


So today, regardless of what political/economic analyst and well-read orators have to say about where we are and are headed, I CELEBRATE NIGERIA! For not backing down, not staying down (after the fall), daring to rise repeatedly time and time again. I celebrate her uniqueness, her diversity, her culture, her colours (represented by every tribe and tongue), her ingenuity, her creativity (in the world of Arts, Fashion, Beauty, Progressive Media Content and many more), her diverse languages, her resilience, her fights, her freedom!!!

Nigerian Lady flag

Like my friend and brother TIMI DAKOLO sang in “GREAT NATION

                      We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land
We believe in this nation, and we know we’ll get there
We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land
We believe in Nigeria and the promise she holds
And that one day we’ll shine like the sun
We’re a great nation

Ask yourself (whether you are a Nigerian or not), how can I make her a better place, how can I help change the negative views people have about her. And it starts with YOU!

What are you saying about what you know or don’t know about her?

© 2014 Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved . Proudly Nigeria

Impact Life Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

People read books for different reasons…some just watch movies! I try to get into the mind of the writer and imagine what they wanted us to grasp. Sometimes I enjoy what I find, other times I’m scared and thrilled at the same time. On one of such readings, I have encountered quotes that mean more than just words and this is one of them.

Life isn’t static

It’s constantly in motion

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up

In currents and carried along

Where we don’t want to go

Then we find out later

That God’s hand was in it all along

-“The Scarlet Thread

Francine Rivers


911 Collections 2

I wrote about my cousin Ini and how someone’s unscrupulous behaviour pushed her to make a decision. Though, I will not rule out the truth that God knows the beginning and end of all matters that concern us, as such, all things lie in His control. You can read up about it before continuing with these set of collection.


Woke up this morning feeling down
Maybe it’s the dark cloud
No! I don’t think so
It looks like a known foe
Still I can’t place my finger on it
As all I feel is heat.
Suddenly, it came to me
Years back you had to leave
And this pain I feel
Seems to say your absence is real.
But you, I’ll always remember
And keep your memories forever
Though September 11th is here again
Soon I know I’ll smile again.

© 2005 Frances Kelvin Otung


Dear cousin,

Five years ago
We experienced grief untold
But like I said back then
No one truly knows when
…Except God
The One we call upon.
It’s five years and two days now
We’ve survived the pain somehow.
I wonder if others have…
Is joy back into their lives?

I’ve learnt
To love a lot more
Pray for sure
Hug a little longer
Care more for one another
I’ve learnt to slow down
Though I don’t get there on time
Enjoy the morning breeze
And take life with ease.
Some have been born
And others have gone!

For each day,
“Thanks” is all we say.

My life will take a different turn
But you won’t be here to share the fun.
A whisper in my ears…
“I’ll always be there
Looking down from here
And that’s how much I care!”
9/11 is someone’s special day
Sad for others…but hey
Its 5years and 2days now
Thought you should know somehow
You are not forgotten
My dearest cousin!

*for you and the others that didn’t say good-bye.

© 2006 Frances Kelvin Otung

Life Poems

911 collections 1

My cousin, Ini used to live in Nigeria at some point (she was older than me). Two things I remember about her were that she was prime and proper. While we sat at the table eating and getting excited, she faced her food, ate daintily and didn’t speak till she was done. And when she did, it was because she was spoken to.

We called her mum ‘Aunty Ibadan’ (because they lived in Ibadan at the time) and Ini could speak Yoruba fluently.  Ini left Nigeria and vowed never to return because she had taken some entrance exams, passed very well but rather than give her admission into University, the person in charge wanted to have his way with her before assisting. she never got over that shock.  I’m not sure she came visiting anymore. As I didn’t see her again but I knew she didn’t get married either…got consumed with work and God.

When she passed on, my mum was really sad and she blamed our educational system (that evil man) for sending Ini (and indeed other bright minds) away with their lecherous behavior. Since September 11th I have written series of poems about it. Though I didn’t maintain that habit every year, I never forgot.


Dawn broke out with promise
…A promise that the sun will shine through
Or perhaps it will rain after the dew
…Promise of dates not to miss
And links we need to keep
Dawn awoke and time kept its’ tick.

September 11th
The day nations stood still
…And hearts ceased to beat
Buildings came tumbling and crashed upon the dreams
Hopes were dashed as glasses flew
Potentials buried as the heat grew.

May be some knew
And never said
But as blood flowed
United we prayed
Hoping against the unseen
That someone we love survived the scene.

Wishing they had gone minutes later
Thereby missing the burning towers
Wishing we had loved them better
And hugged a little longer
Wishing we knew
…And halted the true.

It was someone’s birthday
Or perhaps 2 became 1 that day
Someone else remember with hurt
A loved one that never returned
However you choose to view
It’ll always be true
That September 11th
Will never be forgotten.

In memory of my cousin
and others that didn’t say good-bye

© 2001 Frances Kelvin Otung


It’s true
Families were torn apart
With deep pains in every heart.
It’s true
Every tongue and tribe
Had a reason to cry
It’s true
The wounds of yesterday
Had refused to die.

There was a bond after the bomb
…A peace beyond all storms
A unity that brought divinity
Dispatching balms and healing hearts.
A unity that brought us longing
Reaching out to the rest more loving.

A year is gone now
…We made it through somehow.
Thought it will always hurt
Let each new day tear down the walls
So we can see beyond the fall
The flowers that have sprout.

Believing that this newness of life
Will wither all strife
And keep us on our feet
Giving the devil sweet defeat.
‘Cos painful it’s true
Yet God still rules and our aches to remove!

© 2002 Frances Kelvin Otung


Guilty or Not?

It’s funny how when you are in the strangest of places some truths hit you. And guess where I was… in the ladies’ fixing my very Afro kinky hair, trying to subdue nations with hair-pins and corsages. And it hit me!

What if I’m the guilty one? Guilty about what you are asked. What if all the while I put the blame wrongly on someone else and let others encourage me to do same, that is – shift the blame squarely on another just so I get the ‘it-wasn’t-about-you-feeling’, I was the guilty one?

Most times, we are told by many inspirational speakers and pastors that “he walked out of the relationship because it wasn’t meant to be”, “You were too good for him”, “and the problem was with him and not you!”

Do a re-think.

What if YOU were the problem?

What if YOU were not good enough for him?

What if HE tried and it didn’t work and there was no way out except out?

And all the other ‘what-ifs’?

I know this is hard to swallow, but my line of thought today is, before you send that hate mail to and throw invectives on your EX and throw a pity-party for yourself about how you wasted your time, money, love and honey on some ‘worthless’ being.

Think it through.

Was there anything you could have done better?

A better response than the usual one you always gave him?

A more tender approach than your forceful must-be-my-way method?

Your need for love or lack of it may have made you too clingy or too hardened. And all that was required was either a woman who knew her own or one who knew when to be a woman…all soft and feminine allowing her Romeo be the King that he is (when necessary) and taking charge when it called for that. The beauty about being unique this woman, is knowing when to create that balance…that is to be feminine or firm. I’m not advocating for push-overs…no way.

She needs your strength…to be able to point at you with pride and say that’s my man…that’s someone who will defend me in the face of any trouble. And yet you are tender towards her, not using her to vent your frustrations from the office or lack of work.

He needs you to be a strong woman, at the same time very supple and feminine, even when you are a Voice to be reckoned with at the Marketplace.

When all has been said and done, you have weighed yourself and found him/her wanting, honey, just keep moving they weren’t meant for you in the first place. And if anyone wants to be wise on both ends (the leaving and the left-behind), please learn the lessons, get better and move on.

…And so I ask, are you guilty or not guilty?

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