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Overworked? Take another look

Being overworked comes in various form and often connotes tiredness…perhaps, in between are fun times .


©2017. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

Daily Prompt



It rises from the front, stops briefly in-between and gets to the end
From the podium to the pew we find hierarchies that smack of inequality
A small family setting isn’t left out of it claws, as Daddy is served the greater portion
Who made that rule anyway?
With your best of ideas, you hardly get a chance to offer a word at the meeting
“The torchlight is not for you to touch, let alone hold, so keep your opinions to yourself.
When we need suggestions, the ones at the top will figure it out.”
Who made this rule I ask again?
Being the head, he refuses your input, “Be quiet woman, that’s disrespectful!
If it were in the olden days, you’d be in the backyard, cooking with firewood and coal
That should teach you some lessons and keep your hands full.”
Even with all your schooling, you still say, “She gave me just daughters.”
“Of what good are they? Give me sons”, he retorts.
It’s everywhere, here, there and it isn’t going nowhere.
Welcome to the unbalanced world.

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved