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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday


Today in our Spirit-Life Conference themed “The Next Level”, I heard a quote from my Pastor, Paul Adefarasin. I decided to check it out. Wow! I got the whole deal and it is mind-blowing.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_230915 We always pray for the rain, when it’s hot. We pray for the rain when we feel there’s draught. We pray for the rain when we need the seeds we have sown to grow. But we do not prepare for the mud that comes with it. I always say that “it is okay to pray for Success but its price is far too great.” Most of us aren’t ready for the price that comes with it.

So writer, you pray for inspiration, are you ready to run with the dream regardless of the mud? Are you ready to paint the skies and make something beautiful out of the dark that surrounds you? Denzel says, he’d be more frightened by not using whatever abilities he has been given and by procrastination. You have been given several abilities and talents, use it! Maximise everything within your sphere, don’t let that moment slip by. Let it scare you that some lives are going untouched, whilst you remain in a state of indecision.

Let’s go to WQW and see what other writers did to get inspired. By the way, Colleen is waiting 🙂


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