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Weekly Small Pleasures


My #Weekly Small Pleasures for the past week was rooted in family and some sweet loving time worshipping God.

For one, my Mummy was around and boy I missed an opportunity to snap pictures with her. We went together for The Experience 9th Edition and my Heritage came too. Yes, there were a lot of “mummy, I want this or that…carry me…I want Daddy…he’s singing, I want to meet him on stage and etc”. But it was fun all the same.

Though I didn’t take pictures with Mummy, I did take some with my sister, my friend Otibhor (before the programme) while others danced on and tried filming a part of the Experience Concert, which I couldn’t upload here.

Like Mani, I caught the sneezing bug but I’m better now. Yep, we got to rest for a few days after the concert though it was a working break, I enjoyed it!

Photography 101 – Treasure


My treasures are many.

So asking me to picture one would be an injustice to others. I love my King and children (whom I call Heritage). They are really precious to me. My Bible is a source of refreshment, rejuvenation and direction (amongst others) to me. An empty journal or a filled one like the one shown here is one of the many things I treasure because I love writing! I love family and LOVE! I’m nuts about beads…as you can see. I couldn’t capture all these as one, so you will have to endure …oops I mean …enjoy all the many pictures I have here 🙂

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

Photography 101 – Connect



I like this theme… all the interpretation running through my mind is out of this world. But for the sake of sanity wink I’ll stick to normal ones…LOL

I see Connect or Connection all around me. Like the knowing arms of a father that guides his children in the right path, away from harm’s way – they connect.

Family outing

Family outing at Ibom Le’ Meridian

On the Ikoyi bridge, this structure seems to arise as you drive along, connecting one side of the bridge to the other…it is basically for aesthetics and sure lightens up when it’s Christmas.

The Ikoyi Bridge, Lagos

The Ikoyi Bridge, Lagos

Each strand of noodle connects to the other. And even when it is broken and cooked, it is difficult picking one up without another tagging along. I ❤ this connection

A plate of yummy noodles *wink*

A plate of yummy noodles *wink*

Beyond the hug that is obvious, we are connected by love, blood and God. The green white green dots on our faces show our love for our country which further connects us as one.

From one to another - a hug

From one sister to another – a hug

Happy Birthday to me!


My birthday was on the 8th of November and I was thus inspired to say thank you for sharing these years with me.

On the 8th

On the 8th…going out

The Kings and I

The Kings and I

Birthday cake

Happy birthday to me

Life they say begins at 40 but mine had started years before now

Or how else do I explain the many goodness God has shown

How He has blessed me with a Heritage wise beyond their ages

And a King who reigns in his domain with ease and many graces

A family beyond birth and blood who love me with their lives

Whilst surrounding me with prayers on which I thrive

Friends that love me even when oceans try to separate

Yet at even occasion remind me of how we celebrate

So when I say mine had begun before now

Believe it and don’t ask how?

Rather tap into the Joys of knowing and having God

For with Him it is always good.

Otibhor and I – 10112014

Happy birthday to me as I celebrate everyone who shares this day and month with me.

Pouting and smiling :)

Pouting and smiling 🙂

Imani and Iman

Imani and Iman

King Earl and Iman

King Earl and Iman


© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.