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#FreedomFriday – My Dollar Periwinkle



It’s Freedom Friday and I’m a tad upset about the way everyone is going on and on about the DOLLAR and I’m tempted to ask, what has that gotten to do with the price of Mfi in the market?

What is Mfi?
Mfi aka Periwinkle is that shelled sea food I use to cook my Ekpang Nkwukwo. If you don’t yet understand, find picture attached.


Periwinkle aka Mfi

I went to the market the other day and the Mfi was small for the amount I requested and the girl said to me “dollar is expensive” and I retorted “did you import the Mfi or you caught it in the stream beside us” and she replies “it is affecting everything.” See me o!

I am not an Economist, I am a woman and a thinking one at that, so if everything is tied to dollar, tell me the last time the market girl used a dollar to purchase anything in Nigeria and that’s if she’s had a dollar before (not being nasty, just asking questions that need answers). You see in Nigeria, we pride ourselves in being updated with information whether it is right, wrong or imcomplete.

In the cab today, someone said he heard over the radio that “dollar has come down (I wonder where it went up to in the first place), therefore he will pay less the amount he agreed with the cab guy before entering the cab.” The cabman didn’t accept it of course. I know it’s a chain-reaction, but I’m only voicing my annoyance and the attempt by dollar to deprive my Ekpang Nkwukwo and Plantain porridge of her MFI!


Plantain Porridge

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Freedom Friday – Food


I always say I love Children, I love Love, I love words (good words), I love God (beyond words), I love family (very much), I love African Beads and now you can add, I love food. It’s Freedom Friday or do I call it Food Friday? I won’t talk much, but let the pictures tell you were I have been and what I have been up too in recent times. I can feel all those rolling eyes and I actually hear the saliva drop down your throats, as they hurry to fill your tummy. Too bad. These are past pictures, but if you do catch up with me, who knows. In the mean while, enjoy! 🙂

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