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#ThankfulThursday – Tomorrows


My friend Otibhor (remember her? If you don’t, you might want to read up on her) read this and she said to me “do you think about/plan what you want to say before you start writing?” With the ease of one who enjoys what she loves and is passionate about, I gave her my unique answer “Whenever I’m in my elements, it just flows. The thoughts come and I release them.”

Beyond being in my element, I’m grateful that what comes naturally to me means so much to those around me and others that get to read them. Thank you for being part of that group. ❤

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_080715I struggled about what quote to use today and I said to myself, “something short, straight to the point but really deep”. You see, in our quick-fix world, we are slowly made to believe that Succeeding in life is a gift.

Case in point, my dad owns conglomerates of businesses and of course because he adores me, he would naturally hand me the keys to one. But does that make me succeed at running that company or making it take a space on the level companies its kind have taken?


I have to work it, strategise, plan, put structures in place, work those plans, rework and invest time, money, good thinking, spread my reach, increase my market share and watch it grow till it becomes fruitful and I spread my reach creating something else or extending what I have to other regions.

So when you see quotes like these, as an author or writer, that begins to say, “there’s no lazing about what you are called or born to do” it won’t just happen on you, you have to make it BE!

…and that’s my 2 cents! What’s yours this WQW?!

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