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Wind of Grace


I’m not sure how the wind goes with grace, because it is a contradiction like an irony. But hey, just so you know, that there’s grace for you right in the midst of that storm.

Another attempt at Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday…loving it.


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#Writer’s Ouote Wednesday


Confession time:
I almost repeated Colleen’s quote for today because it resonanted something in me and that is gratitude to the medium of expression. I know I always celebrate writing and putting forth what you believe in as against what another said off-handedly. But today, I realised again and more intensely that my journal, blank book, keyboard, laptop, pen all need to be celebrated too!

To all my media for expression, thank you, I celebrate you!

Writer's Quote Wednesday_100216

I chose an Anne Lamott quote also. For the times I didn’t really understand, yet I kept writing and in the end it made sense to another in such a great way, I’m grateful and I attribute it to GRACE that never leaves us where it found us. May this quote inspire you as a writer to never leave a life the way you met it. If that life is a good one already, add your best to it, leave your touch in that life. I just touched yours by the way. wink

©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved