Life Poems

The Meeting

One quiet Saturday evening a meeting convened
In attendance were my Future and Present being
The Past wouldn’t be put aside, came along
Thinking with other two, is where I belong!
Not wanting to be delayed, Future asked…
“Where will you be years from now in certain tasks?”
With patterns and paths I follow,
with strategies and plans so shallow…
“Not far, I fear”, I reckoned
“Come, let’s talk”, she beckoned.

It’s not about another’s pace
Everyone runs their own race
Neither is it about undirected haste
You’d go far if in His sufficient grace.
Past listened and nodded with concerned gaze.
“There’s no part for me to play in this place,
off I go to remain quiet in history
Till the day comes for her to tell our story”.
I had a meeting with Future…
I rose, ready for adventure!

@imanikel 13082020 Frances Kelvin Otung


What women want and more…

My Dear About-To-Be-Born Son,

I’m not sure what your future daddy will say to you about women, perhaps he will say; be gentle. Be nice. Give gifts. Make her laugh. Make her feel loved. Be her hero or knight! Listen to what she’s not saying. Listen to what she’s saying – (Which one, I don’t know! If you ask me). Help her out in the kitchen once in a while. Do the laundry or change the baby’s diaper. Breakfast in bed, occasionally would be nice even if it’s not Mother’s Day.

Perhaps, he will say, “When she says NO, she means NO!”

I’m a woman, I know NO means NO, especially when it has to do with sexual activity. First of all, you have no business being in a house you haven’t received access to. I won’t encourage sexual escapades. I’m not sure what your generation will turn out to be, but some values are worth keeping till it’s time for the unveiling.

However, I’ll teach you something that even we don’t understand yet. As your wife, understand that her body runs on a different time and the time may not click with yours. If she’s saying NO to you, check to be sure that you have not committed any ‘sin’ which is the reason why you are getting a NO.

Sin? Yes o…you may have forgotten to compliment her dress or hair. Though you licked the plate clean, you didn’t voice it out to her hearing that the food was delicious. When last did you show her off to your friends or give her a “just-the-two-of-us-smile” across the room and she got the meaning instantly?

Sometimes, a simple HUG goes a long way to say “I gat you! I understand how you feel. My shoulders are always here for you. You can depend on these arms to hold you up! The world is going bonkers, but in here is warmth, peace and all that makes you glad.” That may be all she needs, son. A simple hug and then like water in its iced state, some warmth begin to melt it little by little, till it is fluid to your touch.

Other times, she needs you to be her girlfriend and just listen to her tell you about her day and be supportive. Did I tell you a peck does wonders too?! She may let you kiss her eventually, but if she doesn’t, enjoy the peck and make her feel loved regardless.

You will have to discover her for yourself. But in all you do, show her RESPECT, respect her space, her voice, her suggestions (never make her feel like she made a stupid suggestion, there’s always sense in nonsense – find it!)

After doing all, stand and bear proudly the title my son I’m proud of. I love you, baby and this is from one woman to another – your future babe.

@imanikel 240919 Frances Kelvin Otung (c)

Challenge Haiku

A Time to Grow!

Ronovan does it again and it’s growing time!


A wonder how time

Seems to stand still and fly too

When new sprouts show up

Personal growth

Letting go

Maturity says

Have, Hold, Love, Free, Let it go

Space allows for spread

©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

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11230538153_0f724f661c_o1-300x210I woke up this morning thinking about a lot of things and one of the things that dwelt for long in my mind were the things we take for granted or just let slip by, then they become mountains we have to use cranes to uproot and Resentment was one of them. I’m wondering if Resentment and Bitterness are the same, since I’m not too sure, I will search it out. Come along and let’s see what I dug up, it will help you and your relationship for the better.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” – Nelson Mandela

As people, we tend to readily point fingers at more obvious offences and sins, and quickly determine the kind of judgment such a person will get or deserves. I read something years back and he said “we would readily ask for a God of judgment for others and a God of Mercy for ourselves”. Why on earth do you think you deserve Mercy and the other person deserves your judgment? Here, you alone were the Judge and the Jury and God had no business in that Court – sitting. Just you!

Resentment also known as Bitterness (you see, they mean the same thing!), Pique, Envy, Jealousy or Irritation is the feeling of displeasure or indignation at some act, remark, person, etc., regarded as causing injury or insult.

Resentment starts from an ‘innocent’ remark, probably one that has been said once too often that you could almost call it ‘the truth’ and the person in question feels bad that you won’t let that incident be…you delight in bringing it up at every opportunity. It is a feeling that sinks really deep into one’s soul and makes you become like a foul-smelling creature to the offended person, such that they can’t stand your presence as it reminds them of something they are trying to forget. Other times, it is something you did and didn’t see a need to right the wrong and just because they can’t stand up to you due to your status or affluence, they begin to resent you. Some people can hide resentment with a smile, but it carries with it pure evil…not like evil can ever be pure!

I am almost tempted to say when you resent someone, the feeling that comes is a crawly, irritating one whenever that particular person is around. Talking about resentment, I can almost feel my skin react as if I was witnessing a cluster of worms (that gives me Goosebumps).

It’s really hard to forgive someone when they keep doing the same thing over and over again to you! But the Bible says when Jesus was accused before the Counsel, and subsequently hung on the tree by the people’s refusal, He prayed God to forgive them. That is love! Love can be and is difficult in such situations, but the God that has called us has called us to be beyond normal, be supernatural. Such love is a rare find and if you will be His disciples indeed, you have to prove it by loving, forgiving and moving on.

The rewards for camping Resentment in your yard are not glorious at all. Rather than have the crawlies over me every time I see you, I let go and release myself from that prison. There’s more to gain being free than imprisoned.

To regain your liberty if that act is SUCH AN ISSUE TO YOU,
• Call the mischievous person to order when you are not upset and carefully tell them what they did ‘innocently’ and how that has affected you overtime.
• Do not attack them, but talk about their deeds, if they don’t see anything wrong in it, let it be and move on to better things/people. There will always be nasty people anyway and for no reason.
• Forgive them and yourself for being in that prison for that long. Step out of it and fling the key (and its spares) into the deep sea. Give a crazy shout, do a silly dance and LIVE!

I am not a psychologist, but I know when the mind is affected, productivity is thrown out of the window. We need to watch how we treat people around us before they begin to resent us and then it becomes deep-seated, too in to be plucked out.

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