Challenge Haiku

Fresh wind delight

I missed out on this challenge last week but decided to attempt it all the same.
My second haiku is in appreciation of my daughter Imani Naomi. Naomi means “pleasant, beautiful, delightful”

Swinging Leaves

With more than a tease

The soft wind swings fresh leaves to

And fro, oh! Such bliss

You are…

A breath of fresh air

Delightsome, showing you care

My sweet Imani!


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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday_280515

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Freedom Fridays Project Laughter

Freedom Friday – Speech Games with K.E

King Earl:  Are you a girl?
Imani: (wondering where this is line of questioning is headed) Yes
King Earl:   Am I a boy?
Imani:         Yes
King Earl:   No I’m not a boy, I’m a son!
Imani:         Okay, you are a son.
King Earl:   No! I’m not a son, I’m a Moon
Imani: (Looking at him incredulously)  But you can’t be a Moon, nah.
King Earl:   I don’t want to be a Son again, I’m a Moon.

King Earl:  Mum, (quite innocently) I want to play your Candy Crush.
Me:           This one is difficult, you have to play with strategy
King Earl:  Okay, I will play with ‘stratedy’
Me:            It’s pronounced STRATEGY. Do you know what strategy is?
King Earl:   Yes (still focused and playing his game).
Me:            What does it mean?
King Earl:   So that we will not have any injury.

There it is!

A 3-year old giving me first hand definition of STRATEGY. Yes, he called it ‘Stratedy’, you know how King Earl can be with his pronunciations, he will simply refuse to call it any other way till he’s ready to do that. But his definition is so on point.

Strategy is “the science or art of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations.” Another meaning is “a plan, method, or series of manoeuvres or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result:” So when my son says “So that we will not have any injury”, he is correct – whether you agree or not. Not strategizing is bound to get you in the path of ‘casualty’ and though he has not been taught that yet in school, he just coined up his own meaning from whatever he figured mum was trying to say.

This and more are one of the many reasons I talk and listen to children – they say it the way it is! It is left for you to figure it out and understand. It is my day of Liberty and this is my prerogative. I’m still strategizing on how to go past that level of Candy Crush (when I have the time). So what’s your winning ‘STRATEDY’ for today?

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An Innocent Plea

SONY DSCAnd she goes with tenderness in her voice so soothing that I had to stop chopping the onions to see what it was all about. Whatever it is must be worth this sweetness and plea, “Please, Please, don’t let it finish!” as her Auntie poured the last part of the cereal into a bowl. Laughing incredulously at her request, her auntie mumbles “…and yet you ate it three times today, refusing every other food”.

3 nights ago, I was given a sermon of how a visit to Big Auntie MF’s house went:

“Mum, auntie gave us Golden Morn Millet, we finished it, and we really liked it.”
“Mhhh hmm”, I replied, knowing that the conversation had just started.
“It is spelt M-I-L-L-E-T-T”, mum is it double ‘TT’.
“No baby” came my reply.
“Okay, so it MILLET. We like it and we want you to buy it for us”.

2 night ago on our way back home from work, we stopped by the shop to enquire and luckily it was in stock. The store attendant promptly informed me it was really nice, to which I replied that I had been told already and ‘commanded’ to buy it. At the paying teller, the store owner wondered why we were back at the shop after just buying some packs of cereal some days back. “My children love cereal a lot and can eat that the whole day” and he replies “no wonder they are looking so well because they eat a lot”. No comments on that one.

By last night a pack was already finished!

I’m not complaining, just seeing through the scenario of how we enjoy the blessings God has given us and when we get to the last scoop we pray “please don’t let it finish”. Fine! This is cereal, but when it is a thing that has the potential to reproduce or grow, do we put it in the right soil and encourage it to grow or do we used it up till it is drained of all its reproducing abilities. It could be your relationship, an idea, your passion etc. I’m sure by the time you think it through, it will hit you.

I have said enough…that’s my 6 year old wishing to prolong the life of her cereal. What’s yours gonna be?

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Poems Writing 201 - Poetry

Finger: Prose Poetry & Assonance

Day 7: I just did a Prose Poetry with a bit of Assonance on FINGERS! And i just love it 🙂


I’d love to write about my ring as it represents all the good reasons my heart sings and my drum beats to the flowing sounds of spring. I could write about the joys I get when I toy with the keys of my keyboard as I deploy my thoughts for you my Love. But I choose to share the love that flows every time those fingers circle my knees, saying “mummy please” or “I love you”, not once and coming from two and I know those words are true. I celebrate my Heritage’s fingers and all the love it triggers.

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Photo 101

Photography 101 – Bliss

I thought of taking a pix now of my baby sleeping and he sure looks good when he’s asleep but couldn’t make up my mind. so I decided to post pictures I had taken before now that mean bliss to me…what do you think?

Adorable asleep or awake!
Adorable asleep or awake!
Sleeping and smiling at a week plus
Sleeping and smiling at a week plus
Imani and Rainbow Pony enjoying a moment
Imani and Rainbow Pony enjoying a moment
A place to find peace and safety from heat
A place to find peace and safety from heat
Articles Relationships

Imani is 6

Imani Naomi is 6 years today and like I promised her, these are a review of what the last year has been.

My dearest Booboo girly girly,

Our year has been filled with many activities, right now I can’t remember some but what stands out amongst them is that you started out your school term not confident about your school work. Most times, you returned with your notes half-written or someone else’s writing because the teacher had someone help you with them as your writings were too BIG or somewhat incomprehensible.

Right now that seems like ages ago but it’s not true. Together we have gotten the almost perfect writing and you now understand the rules of writing within borders. The excitement you showed when you told me months back “Mummy, I was the first to finish my notes today and there was no mistake” is not to be exchanged. Then I was reminded, that this is the beginning of your unveiling…I never imagined it would be this awesome.

Graduation day and I arrived a bit late due to traffic, only to be told you had just finished your speech. The same speech we had been rehearsing daily at home (with the right diction and gestures. LOL. Madam diction) and it broke my heart 😦 . Though I had to hurry back to work, I got wind of some good plot for you from your teacher Mrs. John.

Emmanuella (her BF), Imani and Precious on the Graduation Day

You won ‘BEST IN LITERACY’ and took 2nd in overall position. I’m truly awed that God has chosen to put a smile on our face in such a way. I’m looking forward to the books you will write, outstanding pictures you will capture – my growing model amongst others. You have been trying to get me agree to go for the Maltina Dance All and my famous response “I can’t dance, Aunty Udy, Daddy, you and Earl will go, and I cheer from the house”. But you will have none of that.

Sometime in August…just the two of us! ❤

Last night you came with your usual complaint about not wanting to sleep early and met me praying, that stopped you and then you noticed the tears. “Don’t cry mummy” you whispered, as you wiped them away and sat quietly there. I prayed for you concerning your birthday…guess what, you prayed for me too and the children in the environment that couldn’t speak good English and didn’t have where to stay.

Your love for the less privileged is overwhelming…whenever I need to give something out and I ask you for a dress, you give me 2 more. I could never ask for a better daughter that loves deeply (more than I do perhaps). So today, I’m reminding you that I love you to the ends of the earth beyond and to eternity.

P/S: You broke your ‘girl in a ball’ decorative item. I should have known you had done something wrong from the door as you had that look of ‘guilt’ on your face but I was too tired to comment. Thank you for coming back to me to apologize about it (after your tears and all). One of the many more reasons I love you!


Articles People I've met

Mafian Darty

It’s been 30 something years now when last I was 5+, try as hard as I may, I’m not sure I remember much details about what happened then. Maybe if someone had made a journal out of my life, I would have stories to tell.

However, I recall a time we went to the village and went to visit Aunty Eno (whom we called ‘Mafian Darty’). No, don’t ask me, I don’t know why she was called ‘Mafian Darty’ but Darty is her surname and Aunty Eno was one woman who doesn’t swallow any nonsense. Maybe her no-nonsense attitude earned her that name. With a small frame, and not blessed in the height department, she commanded presence and was an authority to be reckoned with. Her famous saying “As you make your bed, so you lie on it” came in handy all the time especially when we were deviant.

As I was saying before digressing to introduce Mafian Darty to you, we went to the stream to fetch water and being the smallest in the team, I was given the onerous task of carrying the kettle. Now this kettle is not the Electric one with malleable material around it, but those metal ones with an inverted wide ‘’ as its handle and a pretty mouth like that of a tea-cup.                                                                                                                                           Kettle             Not like the kettle was heavy though, but picture a child coming from the city, going up and down the jagged, hard and muddy (in some places) road with a kettle on her head and sometimes in her hand – changing it from the left to the right hand; not an easy task I tell you.

Who sent you? You ask. No one!

I didn’t want to be left out of grown-up fun with my siblings by being detained at home to sit and listen to the elders tell stories of long ago before I was born or tales about people I hardly knew. Whilst trying to ‘force’ me to recollect when that person came to visit us in Port-Harcourt in the year 1978 or earlier (who does that?!)

On our way back from the stream with my kettle in my hand (left or right, choose one) or on my head, we stumbled across some Afang leaves (vegetable used with other combination in making a very delicious native soup) and being one who loves Afang soup a lot; though the smallest, I managed to convince the team to pluck the leaves. We had the problem of how to convey them home. This was promptly resolved when I offered my kettle to be used. The water I had fetched was poured away and our loot deposited in my kettle and we went home excited at the possibility of a steaming delicious pot of soup and praise from Mafian to go with.

It’s been over 30 years now but I never forgot her reaction.

“Where’s the water you fetched, why did you throw it away? She queried

“Aunty”, I answered excitedly “I brought Afang leaves home for soup” beaming with a smile.

“What quantity of soup can this make? She asked visibly exasperated looking down at the Afang leaves, which were only a handful.

“We have the roots in the backyard and could have easily plucked some to make soup. The water was more important” She replied upset.

At the point, my face dropped and the smile turned downward in sober reflection. I resolved from that day to always stick to the goal at hand. Yes, it might look important to me but if it doesn’t matter that much to the collective efforts, then no way!

Now, what has being 5+ again gotten to do with a young woman in her late 30s?

Is it the desire to be young once more, capture lost times or enter into the mind of a 5 year old plus and explore?

If like me you have a very active 5 years old, you will be 5 daily as a matter of fact per second. One second, I’m helping her decide her dress, the next minute she’s changed her mind and wants to wear mine. Sadly these daily decisions have affected the total outcome as when she finally decides to wear that dress, she’s out grown them.

Imani Naomi is my very vocal, I-know-what-to-do, read-everything-she-sees, beautiful daughter. Daily I am upgraded to her level to learn something new (I know I should say ‘brought DOWN’ as I am taller than her, but I’m not discussing height here) as times are changing and their era is different from ours. She teaches me how to pronounce words using the right diction – with her lips pursed forward like an English woman about to sip hot tea. LOL. Every Wednesday evening I am a ballerina as I have to rehearse the steps she learnt in school that day; by Thursday I become a sport woman. Friday evening, we are planning what hairstyles to conjure for the stylist come Saturday!

She isn’t a handful but more than a handful! And a joy to be with any day any time and for such joys, I don’t mind being 5+ all over again.