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On a night out with the King…


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Lyrical Mondays

#LyricalMonday – Mayah

Mayah is my baby, my son has his eyes on her …Mmeme and Ziya, take note. So we have had several discussions every morning she stops by the office before heading to her creche. This was one of such days. By the next poem, I will take you to the next level of our conversation. Enjoy!


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Impact Tuesday Thoughts

#TuesdayThoughts – Leader

Tuesday Thoughts - 160816

We are beleaguered with all manner of leaders, some with good plans, some with selfish motivated schemes and some with desire to lead but are surrounded by sycophants. Leaders in the marketplace, governance, systems (everywhere). Well, what can one say and really do when you have become the cockroach surrounded by hungry chickens? Hmmmm.

Not much, but that little can make a whole lot of difference. That is choosing to not go the way of bad leaders, serving the people with the barely-there or scare resources that we have. Educating people on how to rise from the ash and do something with their gifts, talents and skill-sets other than wait to be spoon-fed.

I’m done waiting for someone who doesn’t know the way to attempt to lead me. I am a forward-thinking person, I know what is right and wrong and when I’m not sure, as a believer I know Who to fall back on or ask questions. There are pointers and other good examples to follow by the way. I’ll do right by inspiring others, how about you?

  • When last did you read a good book and implement the simple strategies ‘hidden’ therein?
  • At what point did you stop believing in yourself and the gifts in you?
  • Why does negativity enjoy most evenings with you and invites his friends over too?
  • What are you going to do about changing what needs to be changed?

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Challenge Poems WQWWC

#WQWWC – Inspiration

Colleen wants to know what inspires me. Too bad that cannot be covered in a page or two as some are intangible and can’t be described, painted or explained. I’ve tried to capture some of my inspirational moments, smiling as I remember each. This is for you Colleen, one of my inspiration source.

With the fluttering of wings
The words in my heart sings
Dancing to tunes, not phone rings
That take shapes on paper and blinks
Beyond heavy chains and metal blings
With the smile of a child
My creative thoughts run wild
Baring fantasies that won’t hide
As through the winds you glide
From the Word in the Word
To the strength of two-edged swords
Juices drip and flood the chords
Rhymes grip the unwritten buds
Life, death, loss, gain
Strife, birth, cost, rain
Wife, breath, frost, grain
Knife, health, bust, plain
I easily exhale and relate
That which causes me no debate
Inspirations do not deserve to wait
Let’s rock, roll and continue to create.

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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday

Writer's Quote Wednesday_041115Listening to Dr. Cindy Trimm preach the word titled “How big is your Faith?” She made this comment “We understand from a quote ‘that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’. But what happens when the hand is broken? What happens to the world?” and it set me thinking about how we can easily take care-givers for granted and also our seed.

I will deal with the issue of the HAND. Back in school, we were taught that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ and I liked the power having a pen would give me. Over the years, it has moved from pen to typing on the keyboard, but one thing was constant and that is projecting on paper what I want to see in reality. I do not have rose-colored glasses on, but I simply love life and believe in God and in the creative-abilities He has given to each of us. However you choose to utilise yours is up to you! I have friends who engage their creativity towards bringing about CHANGE, check one here; others use beauty to make you want to stay alive via their pictures!

Like Dr. Trimm says in her quote and I add, its up to you to maximize every potential in that seed that is in your care. Listening to her as she concludes, “If you don’t want to see it in your future, don’t talk about it now.” I’m not sure how I’ve inspired you today, but I’m sure you will find more at Colleen’s treatment room and others like you there #WQW

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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Unless you are truly blind ( no insult to the visually impaired), by this I mean unless you are truly numb to any and everything happening around you – meaning you are dead – there is no way you will not find inspiration! It’s in the ‘silly’ conversation with a child or a joke, the inscription on a car or a billboard or in a serious conversation that involves intellectuals. It is always there.

Today I take my quote from the very BOOK, the Bible. Pardon me if you are not a fan, but I can’t help it. And it says…

Writer's Quote Wednesday_281015

And I’m thinking…that is pure undiluted truth, words of wisdom and inspiration hitting us right in the face. Man is likened to grass which will wither (sooner or later). You may be remembered, depending on the impact you made (positively or negatively) but to be remembered for a really long time…

WRITE IT DOWN and send it out!

Document what it is you want to share. Make it something that will not make you cringe if you were to wake up from the dead and read it or hear it. Shakespeare has been long gone. Dr. Myles Munroe has moved on, but the words they wrote, shared, are still being used daily – almost. Remember, “words create, send your words out with purpose.” That’s my creation to you today!

*Colleen is a bit busy this period but we wish her much grace as she moves and settles in. Check out what she’s been up to at #WQW

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

What inspires me? Writing is source of Inspiration for me, but what prompts me to write? It is the beautiful empty journal, the pen. More than that, it is beauty and nature. Today, let’s walk with Mr. Peacock and get inspired. 🙂

Mr. P6We have guests today and they came with children, I wonder how the day will be.

Mr. P I need to get away fast before their interest turns to me!

Mr. P1

They have seen me, run little legs, don’t fail me today.

Mr. P2

The one in pink seems interested in my colours, no way girl. I have an appointment somewhere else.

Mr. P3

Phew, I’m almost out of ‘harm’s’ way, thank goodness!

Mr. P4

These humans don’t just know when to stop and until I get to my safe haven, ain’t no stopping me now, I’m on the move!

Mr. P5Free at last! Free at last! Free at long last!

Using it for the patients at the #PhotoRehab

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

As writers, we usually experience the BLOCK…yep, all-four-corner- bold-won’t-let-you-pass-beyond-this-point BLOCK! At those times, I get inspired by my Bible, children, life and this is one of those scriptures 🙂

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