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#LyricalMonday – Thank You!


From my heart to Yours <3, I mean every word of it, dear Lord!


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#LyricalMonday – Slain, Yet Alive


Bishop David Oyedepo said during the #SLC2015 that “A Lion doesn’t CRY, he ROARS – carrying dominion everywhere he goes. It takes a Lion-heart to have a Lion-share!”

Today, I’m reminded of another Lion (the original one) who plays dual parts depending on who He is meeting with or the purpose He wants to achieve. I know some of you have met Him or His other nature, but allow me to re-introduce to you, the Lion and the Lamb – Jesus! The One who knows when to ROAR and when to lay down His life for Love! And I’m loving every aspect of His being.

Lyrical Mondays_280915

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

Thankful Thursday


I’m in love with WORDS and can’t help it. 🙂

Thankful Thursday_150115

Beyond the norm of #ThankfulThursday, I’m thankful to Seasonedsistah2 for the Heart As One Dream Beat Award nomination and dedicate today’s gratitude to her that despite times I shared my frustration and pain, joys and fun, she was able to see the beauty in every situation, make sense of them and another way to view it and be thankful that I shared. In a world where people are constantly concerned about what happens to them alone and if that occurrence will enrich their souls and pockets too, this attribute is rare. Celebrating you today for standing up against everything wrong, life and situation throws at you and coming out strong and better.

Thank you luciledegodoy for the The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award nomination too. Forgive me for not replying to this earlier. You touched my heart with what you said. And yes, I’m having my mischief and grateful smile on at the same time (the one you imagine seeing). You are a part of what makes my blog beautiful and colorful. Your pictures are a delight to behold any day. Lucile, noticed I was in a fix and without being asked, took and sent me some pictures! Who does that?! I’ve discovered some and she’s one of them.

I will work on the awards today by God’s grace. But if I don’t, I’m only human. LOL.

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Photography 101 – Solitude


Solitude can be interpreted positively or negatively.

Whenever Jesus wanted to effect a change or ask for strength, He went alone to a solitary place to pray…meaning it could be a time of prayer so as to focus.

Some people enjoy a period of solitude when they are angry or just want to be left alone.

Whatever you choose…

Solitude can be beautiful like this Rock – something solid and grey, surrounded by lush and green, leaves and flowers. They move and sway to the music in the wind, yet alone he stands immovable, desiring, but cannot have.So he stands alone – different, unique and one of a kind!

Solitude - Alone, unique and one of a kind

Solitude – Alone, unique and one of a kind