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Tell Me What You Think of Me

Tell Me What You Think of Me

Tell Me What You Think of Me

I’m not sure how it started but I think King and King Earl had a Father and Son session and King told him how he thought the world of him. The session usually goes like this:

Earl: Tell me what you think of me?

King: You’re smart, intelligent, brilliant, and handsome and you are the King!

At this point Earl replies too, “I think you’re smart, intelligent, and brilliant and you are the King!”

When he is telling Imani what he thinks of her, he goes: “I think you’re smart, intelligent, brilliant, and beautiful and you are the Princess. I am the King, Daddy is the King and Mummy is the Queen but you are the Princess.”

One day, his father reeled out all the lines and intentionally didn’t add the last one. Earl waited. King delayed and then we heard him say with urgency and a rebuking look “and I’m the King!”

Tell Me What You Think of Me – 2

My sister in-law Esther called some time ago, and requested to talk with Earl. Grudgingly he came to the phone and after the initial response to her “how are you?” he goes, “Tell me what you think of me”. Not knowing the standard response, Esther goes, “you are cute, intelligent, and handsome” and she ends there. For Earl she had left out the most important one, unable to hide his displeasure, he adds with pride “and I’m the King!”

I took the phone from him and tried explaining to Esther the correct sequence, and we laughed over it. So she decided to ask him what he thought of her, and this was Earl’s response: “I’m not thinking of you, I’m thinking of Horses and Dragons.”

Phew! End of call.

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Earl – Defender of Imani

Earl – Defender of Imani

Back home and really tired from the day’s work. I ate a bit of jollof rice and decided to share the calories with my cousin. I noticed Imani’s eyes follow the plate but chose to ignore her. Esther (my cousin) asked her if she was interested and she replied in the affirmative. I sat back and watched them and the TV at the same time. They were circled round the rectangular centre table, Earl was drawing on one end, while Esther and Imani ate on the opposite side.

Imani: Aunty Esther, why are you eating the fish?

Esther: Is it yours? (munching away)

Imani: (protesting) But I want also! (looking upset and helpless at the same time). 😦

I pretended not to notice the altercation and continued with my movie. While the ‘fight’ lasted, Earl (apparently tired of hearing Imani whine helplessly) dropped his pencil, reached out to the plate, took out the remaining fish, “Imani, here you go” and shoved it into Imani’s mouth. Picked up his pencil and continued drawing as if nothing happened.

And yes, he got the needed silence to focus on his drawing, after we finished laughing.

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Freedom Friday on a Saturday


Hey Dream Reader and the many Readers I have in reality,

I’ve been away from FREEDOM FRIDAY…not because I don’t have what to be Free about but my Fridays have become so busy and …no more excuse. I have missed you too. I heard this conversation yesterday on my way home and I decided to share it here. Pity it will have a lot of Pidgin English inside but you should be able to decode them. LOL

I closed rather late yesterday as has been the case lately (trying to finish up on some important work) and as I grabbed a seat on the bus, the following conversation ensued. By the way, this is one of the many reasons, I miss my bus rides when the car is available – so enjoy it with me today. Who knows when next I’ll have another experience?

“Conductor, give me my change!”

“I no get change yet.”

“But I will drop at Agungi,” she protested

“The first person to drop, is the first person I will give change.” He answers with finality

“No mind am, he doesn’t want to give you change, he has plenty N50s in his hand,” a fellow passenger joined in the discussion.

“What is your business in this matter? You NONONTITY!” the conductor reels out and the other passengers join the discussion laughing and telling him the proper pronunciation. “It’s NONENTITY o!”

“Don’t mind him, I don’t want to say anything to him, he is a miscreant. I don’t want to abuse him.”

“What abuse can you give me more than that, can you talk to your senior like that?” the conductor queried, “You are a NONONTITY!”

“This is one of the reasons I love Lagos, it is the City of Excellent Madness.” another passenger interjects.

“I love Lagos but TRAFFIC has made me to dislike this place. I went to Ebonyi the other day and would have remained there, but I didn’t have anything good doing,” another replies.

“For your information,” the conductor goes back to the pending matter “I paid for that English.”

At this point, one of the passengers that had been silent all along except for laughing in-between turned and looked at him and said “Who collect the money from your hand?” and that brought another bout of laughter.

Well, I was laughing all along and taking note in my head what each was saying and I picked up a strong whiff of alcohol and its source was none other than the Conductor! I pray he doesn’t fall off the bus before they get to their destination.

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The Beautiful Ones Are Born


An unnamed beauty

An unnamed beauty

As he sat with Earl aged 3, my hubby flipped through his phone checking out peoples’ updates. He came across this beautiful picture above and flipped on. Earl flipped it back to the pix and the following conversation took place.

Earl: Daddy, can I hug her?

Daddy (takes the phone close to Earl’s heart and says): Booom

Earl (with exasperation): But I can’t hug her through the phone! Bring her out.

King watched with shock at his reasoning and before he could say anything, Earl continues.

Earl: Daddy, can I marry her?

Daddy (LOL): What do you know about marriage?

Earl replies with conviction, “She’s so beautiful” and repeats again “She’s so beautiful”.

Next day, King is on his way to pick my mum from the airport and informs Earl. And Earl asks him if he would bring the dark girl home with him.

So here’s my take on the matter, I have decided to put up her picture and request that the parents of the above unnamed beauty kindly contact me as a matter of urgency, as the person who had this picture as her DP doesn’t even know her! If you were me, what would you do, if your 3 year old asked you for permission to marry a fine girl?

Alone in the Dark


Fife’s dad steps out briefly to open the gate, leaving a strapped Fife at the back seat.

The lights in the car go off before he returns. And Fife says to him on his return, “When you left, I was talking to myself”.

Inquisitively the dad asked him what he said to himself. To which he replies “Fife, don’t be afraid, you are just a kid”

*It sounds funny. But look at it critically, all he is saying is, as a child you really have nothing to be worried about because you have someone (an adult) doing that already for you.

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Sharing Time


Some children love soda, juice etc. but Earl loves his can Malt drink. As a matter of fact, he lets out the ‘ssshhhhhh’ sound with it when you open a can and the excitement on his face is invaluable.

One of those days, we gave them a Can of Malt to share. Earl took a sip too many and after I complained, he gave his sister to sip a bit (by the way, he was the one holding the can to her mouth) and promptly returned it to his lips and took more gulps.

When he lifted his eyes and saw the look on my face, he brought it to Imani’s (she took a bit) and he took it back and after a gulp, he responded to her question ‘if he wanted to finish it by himself’.

“Imani, continue with what you are doing, ok. When you are done, I will give it to you!”
What he didn’t add was “…and by that time, I would have finished it.” Hahahahahahahaha!

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A Question of Choice


Early this morning Imani wakes & comes banging on our door & the following ensued.

“I missed you baby, why did you sleep before I got back?”
She answers, “it was night”.
“Ok, I bought you a lot of things including juice & doughnut”.
“But you didn’t buy me glasses, phone & lip-gloss! Daddy, I want my doughnut & juice now not later”
“Which juice?” King asked, feeling like one that had all the options.
And she thought for a moment & asked “did you buy Hollandia?”
“Then why are you asking me?!” She queries

*With children, have all the possible options (or answers) ready if you are going to be a Father Christmas parent as they will request for something out of the blues and you will be left in shock at the end of the day.

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