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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday


I love a Maya Angelou any day.

I’m sure I’ve seen this quote countless times but today I’m using it again to remind myself that I need to be careful how I say what I say on paper and otherwise, since people will always remember how I made them feel.

My intentions are not to make you feel good always, No! Sorry, if you expected that. As sometimes, you will need a wake-up call to change direction and that might hurt 😦

They are not to make you sad all through either, but to give you LIFE and you know Life is a mix of all things bright, beautiful, sad, lone and happy…the good, the bad and ugly like they say. Or LIFE according to the Bible, but whatever it is you choose, I want you to enjoy every remembrance you have of me that I met you and left you better.

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That, Colleen, is the onerous work on every writer to give every reader something to stop and think about before taking the next step.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_060515I have always loved reading poems or quotes by Dr. Maya Angelou. Mainly because she’s not saying what she says by head knowledge but more from heart and experiental touches. She feels those words, has lived through some and knows first hand what they mean, not just something someone else said.

I love her “Phenomenal Woman” and it motivated one of my poems. Today, I celebrate her in her absence knowing she lives amongst us through words that time cannot erase or water down!

This particular quote shares the responsibility between asking and receiving – the Blessor, the Blessing and the Blessed. You need to ask, expect and your expectation shows via the preparation you put to receiving what you asked for. How bad do you want it?

Come tomorrow, generations unborn will wonder about this great woman and the world she captured through words. Enjoy her world with me.

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