Challenge Haiku

Flash in a Dance

I found this week’s challenge really interesting as today I had a training on fire and it inspired today’s Haiku #86 in a Flash & Dance.


Like a Flash heated

Your flames dance over cracks seeking

A means of escape!


The tangle Tango

Takes two to shine like bright stars

Speed, turn, twist, begone!

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©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


#Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday

Tuesday Thoughts_121115 I have a friend who is a fanatic for CHANGE and I totally support her. Anything that hinders peace, equality, justice etc. she fights – not with arms and ammunitions but with words and facts. I’m also surrounded by a Pastor who is a TRANSFORMER…believes in transforming lives, making impacts and investing in minds, motivating us to engage the system, question it and place demands on what we expect. Be the change we seek whilst waiting for government (if we so desire). Pastor Paul teaches us to be active while ‘waiting’ and make a difference!

It is on this note I daily write about life, love and laughter. Is life all beautiful, sunny and full of rhythm and blues? No! It has dull, dark days that rains made so and sometimes, it’s Soul and Jazz that rends the air. Regardless of what life offers, I will continually make my sphere beautiful and full of humour…probably why I said yes to a King that makes me laugh at every turn (and annoys me in the same vein tongue out).

Like Bob, if those bent on destroying the world aren’t tired, why should I? Last week was fun with Ronovan and we almost didn’t miss Colleen, but you need to visit #WQW to find out what I’m talking about. By the way Colleen you made a good choice, Ronovan knows what is doing.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

I’m so excited! I went looking for a bicycle to use for my quote and couldn’t decide on what to use that will be uniquely me, so I created my own bicycle. Though, I almost asked Lucille for her bike pixs I liked yesterday.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_250315Now to my qoute by Albert Einstein, Life really requires that we keep moving and being static simply tells the world and onlookers that we are dead. My pastor would say (i’m not sure who owns this quote) “keep moving no matter what; If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. if you can’t crawl, roll, but whatever you do, keep moving”.

I’m sure I’ve mixed it up somewhere 🙂 Point is, Live LIFE!


© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved