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Peace with my Past

You’ve moved on like ‘centuries’ ago
making moments lose its’ glow…
Yet, I still see and reminisce
your moves and several instances
where your words lighted and remained
your deeds impacted and sustained,
leaving behind reminders that reek of you!

There should be a point I let go
and allow the currents to flow
taking with it bits and pieces past
so the new will find ground to breed fast,
creating new experiences with a tinge of old?
Nah! I’d rather grow learning, than put my life on a hold.
Leaving behind reminders that reek of you!

It is what it is,
Be silent in there please!
It is what it is
You’ve lost your ability to tease
It is what it is
With the past, I’ve made my peace.

@imanikel 21:08:2020 Frances Kelvin Otung

Challenge Haiku

Out of the flame


Out of the flame came

A rare gem that has been tamed

Life’s beat made humble



Admirer from past

Whose love a week didn’t last

Boasted of great heights

I love poetry anyday. Thanks Ronovan for the challenge #83Gem&Flame. For the 2nd Haiku, rather than use ‘Flame’, I chose ‘Admirer’ and for ‘Gem’ under the noun – Pride (meaning to treasure), I got ‘Boasted’.

Picture Source:
Please read up the article on my picture source. I chose the Citrine gemstone because it represents my birthmonth.

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