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Writer’s Quote Wednesday



Writer's Quote Wednesday_130515You will always know a peaceful person by what they seek after. Mother Teresa refocuses our attention on one another, away from self. The Bible says “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

If we love God the way it is commanded, then loving our neighbour will be easy (hopefully), because that neighbour is expected to obey the rule too (I’m praying they listen). But what happens when they don’t? Does it negate the truth that we have been commanded to love? Peace is an offshoot of the love in your heart. I couldn’t agree more with her…we belong to each other and the sooner we realise that, the better.

I yearn for world peace, but whilst waiting for there to be peace in the world, I will start where I am; and that is in my heart, then my home and the spread goes on and on. How about you?

And if you want to read more about Mother Teresa and what she represented, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother_Teresa

Mother Teresa’s picture courtesy: http://www.worldmysteries.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Mother-Teresa.jpg

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Yesterday ended last night


I sat and listened as he kept going on and on about the Comforter and what He had come to do in our lives. Inbetween that, my mind drifted and returned, then my colleague leaned over and said, “what is he talking about” as he mentioned that Comfort and the Holy Spirit were the same words in Greek or Hebrew (I can’t even remember). I told her to listen and she would get it shortly, and he said it. “No matter how bad your situation was, I’ve got news for you, YESTERDAY ENDED LAST NIGHT!”

I’m not sure what I did, but I was blown away and my attention button reactivated and I remembered a poem I wrote some years back titled “Yesterday came today”. Of course, yesterday ended last night, but what do you do when yesterday shows up with all its’ reminders and the pain is just as fresh as now? And the speaker replied as if reading my thoughts, “You lost someone or something, it’s okay to grief cos that is how you get the healing through being ‘broken’ and allowing God into those spaces no one could reach”. I smiled and wondered about all the hurting people around me and prayed that this message got to them somehow.

I don’t know how you view your life daily, but when a day is just so bad and nasty, you wish the day never broke. Let this phrase ring in your head, that there is a time limit to each day. Keep a positive attitude whilst waiting for the new day to be birthed. It is easier said than done, but hope kept alive is truly refreshing.


Years gone past came knocking at my door
As it knocked the shame did pour
The scenes flashed in quick progression
Holding my mind in its detention.

All the “whys” came to my mind
But the answers to these I couldn’t find
The “it-could-have-been-different”
Did nothing to aid my defense.

Yesterday’s gone, flung far
But its reminders are bars
Which try to hold me captive
And keep me from being active.

Yesterday was my past
But some really do last
Not because it ain’t gone
But I keep bringing it on

The yesterday that came yesterday
Was not one of my sweet days
Now I’ve learnt how not to give
My heart for yesterday to grieve.

Yes, I detest all of it
So I rise above defeat
‘Cos yesterday’s gone
And today’s just begun.

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When Two Elephants Fight


Nigerian MapI heard this saying when I was really young…I’m not that old either, but I have progressed steadily in the growth department for some years now, don’t let my looks deceive you… and it said “When two Elephants fight, the grass gets hurt.”

For the life of me, what prompted the Elephants to fight? Were they trying to share the forest and one laid claims to more lands than necessary, given the harvest his own end of the forest was bringing? OR Was it a case of wife-snatching? Just my ‘crazy’ mind doing what it knows best, thinking out loud, so as to hear another’s opinion. Not like I will take it o! But then who knows?

Thinking about it, are they not supposed to fight in a ring? Why on the poor grass? Who is their referee? Who organised the fight? All these ‘Whos’ you say, yes I need to know. What brought about the fight? Who stands to gain when the storm is over? Hmmm.

I have seen many DPs and appeal for and against the two main parties in the race. Some are really hilarious 🙂 and gets one thinking when all is said and done, what will we gain from all the bad-blood we have generated amongst ourselves. Why are we letting the Elephants use us to achieve their selfish/unselfish gains? If they are Men enough as they claim, let them speak for themselves. What do they REALLY have to offer us…we have had enough of bogus promises and no show. We’ve had enough of THREATS and actually TERROR. We want our GRASS back and GREEN the way it used to be before all of these madness (including those of years past). I think it is time the GRASS became slippery, so that by the time both Elephants fall and rise from fighting instead of focusing, they will acknowledge HER.

In the meanwhile, February 14th is on the way, what will your vote say? I rest my case…just for today anyway.

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