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The Summer of Chasing Mermaids


The Summer of Chasing Mermaids_2We took this picture (the bottom part) last year at the beach and the cloud picture (above) I took last week, whilst waiting to get gas at the petrol station.

I blended the two and in an attempt to give it a surreal effect used the negative of the beach picture and the Lomo effect for the cloud.

So what do you think? #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover 3

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Photo Rehab #8 – Symbol


My Symbol

To some, it is two fine brown woods
With a color that might not change moods
Strung together at the centre
If it were a door, one would enter!
Made from polished dead tree
How can this set free?

To another, it represents death
A place one gave His last breath
A sign that says, “forgiven,
You are the reason I’m risen!”
To me, it is connection – network
Where Divinity and man rework.

A Connection



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Photo Rehab #7 – Muse


I get inspired by a beautiful Journal that is empty…the blank pages speak to me, beckoning that I create and make something out of their plainness – that voice I find irresistible! Inspired by beauty, pain, love and by children.

I’m not sure how to capture all in one, so I’ll just stick to children. #PhotoRehab
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Photo Rehab #6 – ROY G BIV


Roy G BivNot wanting to search too far for Mr. Roy G.Biv, I looked through my things. I’m sure I’m colourful enough to have all it takes to make ROY Green (with envy and) Blue In (the face and his) Views.

I’m not sure if I got them but my flowers seem to think I didn’t do badly. What do you think ROY G.BIV?

By the way, I will post this on my Clinic I’m sure they don’t mind a bit of colour!


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Photo Rehab #5 – The Clouds


Frances found a Big white Cloud

Its glow was white as snow

And everywhere that Frances went

The cloud was sure to go!

From Golden to off-white,

Whatever the shade, I loved it so!


I was on my way to Ife (an ancient town full of history and lots of green, #folakeodoaje would tell you better about her) a while ago and I met this cloud. Initially I ignored ‘him’ (yup…definitely a male) but he just kept chasing and chasing as we sped on. So I decided to oblige him and snap away. By the first picture, he had a tinge of gold as we turned under the bridge and came to the other side, he became almost white and managed to chage colours till it was too dark to see him anymore. But I knew in my heart that he went with me all the way, only that the dark had overpowered its brightness by the reason of changing times.


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Photo Rehab #2



Dancing @ the edge of the sea…

When we got to the beach, my son who wouldn’t normally step a toe in the swimming pool decided to test the waters. It wasn’t an immediate desire though. I guess seeing his sibling and cousins have all the fun was too much for him to bear. And when he conquered that ‘fear’ he even followed his dad into depths (on daddy’s arms of course!)

Now, King Earl rules the water ways and even dances in it! And for someone who wouldn’t put a toe, going till it’s thigh-high… that’s DEPTH for him.

Let’s dance along with him.


dp photo challenge_depth

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Photo Rehab #1


Slain but still standing

Slain but still standing

Okay Lucile you win…

You really know how to pull me in. It’s no secret that I love pictures and yup I had withdrawal symptoms too but I guess I covered it up with other stuffs.

I took this picture with my faithful Samsung Duos phone (I love the pix it gives) when we went to Ife last year December. This tree is situated behind my senior sister’s home. I found it intriguing, as I noticed the tree had been cut down and burnt yet it was still standing. Also it seem each limb was struggling to rule over the other. But we will never know, if only trees could speak my language!

There’s another angle I took of it though…maybe I’ll add that in subsequent ones.

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