Challenge Haiku

Field of gems!

I can’t believe I missed last week’s challenge. But you know me, I’m not giving up on that opportunity to explore a world of precious stones, moments and tribute!

Keep Digging

Sprawling field stretches

Looking commonplace hiding

The gems underneath

You are…

Precious to me, child…

Than diamonds, purer than pearls

I’d go nuts losing.

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©2016 Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved



#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Okay, WQW is here again today and Colleen put me in a slightly tight corner by requesting that we celebrate the Blood Moon. I tried reading up on it, but wasn’t sure. All I know is it has to do with an eclipse. I will try to look out for it by Sept 27- 28th.

So for today’s quote I checked up the Bible and saw a beautiful quote which formed part of the prayers that Moses said on the tribe of Israel. I discussed with Pst C on noticing that prayers were said to the children of Israel twice by their Father Jacob (Israel) and also by Moses. She made me understand there were Patriarchal and Prophetic blessings. Jacob blessed them as his sons, but Moses blessed them as tribes. In most cases, the latter over-rules the former and to me that was cool, as in this case, Reuben (for instance) was cursed under the Patriarchal blessing.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_160915Well, I won’t go preaching on you today but urge you to know that whether you are under the Sun or the Moon, each has PRECIOUS things to offer. Tap into your imagination and let the heat inspire you or the shadows the Moon draws up motivate you to write better…and come up with something precious!

If you still need more inspiration, then off to Colleen’s you go!

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