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The Other ‘Woman’


It’s a really cold morning, rather than pull the duvet over my shoulders and get heated up, I reach out across the bed and he is nowhere to be found. Last night, while I sat watching current events unfold as relayed by the newscaster, he walked in and wondered why I sat quietly almost looking sad.

“What is wrong?”


“So why are you seated that way, with hand under your jaw?”

“I’m fine”, I retorted wincing from the pain I had around my jawline. The toothache was driving me crazy. And why is he ignorant about my pain, when he knew about it all along, I sighed.

“Come, and see something” he said, leading me. There she was, the other “Woman!” Looking all new as if she had just returned from Harrods or some expensive shop in Paris. Glittering. Her eyes were really made up and sparkling, lips looking luscious, no cracks…she had some cracks before now – apparently he had her fixed up.

“Nice” I said as I turned back into the house.

This morning (again), before it was 5:00am, he was already beside her, making sure she slept well; had enough water to drink to assuage her thirst. One would think, she had been singing at the Orchestra all night! I pretended not to notice he was gone and for so long too. But I could hear her respond to all his touches…though some sounded like she was a bit ill. Well, that’s his business.

I’m totally upset… but hey, what can I do? He has chosen her over me today and sometimes it feels like always. But I’m not taking this lying down. “Enjoy him while you can baby, because after he is done taking care of you, he returns to me.” I gloated

And what is it with men and their cars?!!!! Someone tell me how you handled yours.

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