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Saying NO!

“NO”, in any language means NO! So I truly don’t get it when someone says ‘No’ and the other person assumes or interprets that he/she meant ‘yes’. Maybe you need to have your ears cleaned or something.

A no is a No is a nO is a NO! Gat it?

quotes_a_refusal_is_better_than_a_false_promise_tshirt-rdc5fa5ca9503403c985c9400b2da2236_vjfe2_512We live in a world where being in people’s ‘good’ books is something everyone looks forward to. But I’d rather be in your ‘bad-black-or-purple-book’ (Purple, like I call my book, which by the way is a mix of the good, ‘bad and ugly’) than be in your good books, and nowhere near if God were to check His. Capeesh?

Peoples-refusal-to-help-is-an-opportunity-to-prove-you-can-do-it-on-your-own.‘No’, in no way means that you hate or dislike this person, in some instances it simply means “I am inundated with so much at the moment and cannot be of assistance to you”, “I would love to help you with your work, but cannot” or “I choose not to help you”. Let them be, look for ways to sort yourself or issue out. I’m sure there is always a way.

Sometimes, it is God hardening Pharaoh’s heart, so that He can gain the glory and ‘kill every other god’ in your life or focus. Surely you must remember that you serve a God who gives undivided attention, so why give Him divided attention until your heart is smashed in several pieces, then you come running back.

Well, the beauty of not hurting people, is in the way you say the ‘No’. As an artist, I believe there is an art to it. Be soft, genuine, straight to the point, timely and just say it. But if it you are being deceptive about it …with no genuine reason for turning the person down, it shows through.

What am I on about today?

People that feel you owe them the world by getting upset and recording your sins because you turned them down. A friend told someone ‘NO’ and being himself someone that ALWAYS says YES, he felt bad about it – but I felt good that for once, the answer was no. Being something he is not used to, came back to ask if it was okay. I wish he would apply that ‘NO’ to some other people, but then as the ‘froggy with the tea’ would say, “that’s none of my business!”

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