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The Gift called Silence

Rushing to my lips were a variety of ‘amazing’ responses,
Suited for the cacophony of ‘shades’ shot at my defenses.
Begging to be released, so they wash the other
As if by this singular act, restore order.
Yet, the barricade upon my lips held it grounds,
Causing my insides to bear these painful rounds.
Taking pride and finding love in sweet words;
These, sliced deep and hurt like battle-field swords.
Silence ruled and reigned in my world of many voices,
As different options in my mind held its vices.

Toying with the script I plan to play, with no one for audience,
I created scenes and crops for that day of rewarding offence.
Silently, I weighed, analyzed and found guilty each word
Silently, the Word taunted me to give up my right to God
Silently, with pain gnawing at my core
I pushed past each unmemorable bore
Suggestions of peace came a knocking
Revenge said, “you gat to be joking!”
I had my chances to let it all out and think later
I said no, because a peace trophy is always better.

Silence is a precious gift…
I’m glad I used for this rift.

@imanikel 100221 (c) Frances Kelvin Otung


#WeekendTreat -Love vs Maturity much has happened today and it has got me thinking…again. Why do we fight needless battles? I always say “I won’t do battles without spoils”. I know when we hear ‘spoils’, we tend to think of trophies, cups and medals. But sometimes, SPOILS are letting go and being the ‘loser’. So this is where I ask myself and ask you too – would you rather have peace in your world/heart or a trophy gathering dust on your shelf. Think about it.

It’s okay to stand your ground and maintain just so the other person knows there’s more to you than meets the eye, I have that ‘craze’ in me too, but to what end? There’s so much hatred and uncooked beef (grievances) around us already, let’s try in our own little way to spread peace and show love. It makes you more matured than you know. Remember, silence pays off too! Proverbs 17:28 says Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. (KJV) and Proverbs 12:17 continues “Fools have short fuses and explode all too quickly; the prudent quietly shrug off insults.” (MSG).

So what would you rather be called?

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©2016. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved



When talking won’t cut it…

There’s a point you get to in a season of life that talking just won’t do. It’s that point when you are SILENT on the outside, but inside you is a storm brewing, tornado after tornado! That’s the point God tells you “Be Still and Know…”

For you to be ‘STILL’ means to become quiet (in and out), have a peace that’s beyond the surface and when you are done with that, KNOW. To KNOW connotes having an understanding which comes from Experience. God says to you in that place of pain, still all the unnecessary noise going on around you and REMEMBER Who I am, Acknowledge My Presence and Ability to soothe that pain, ease that hurt, remove that doubt and deal with that fear.

When I get to that point that talking won’t suffice, I sing, write, ponder and pray. Does this mean there’s total peace within me, not always. But it helps remove my focus from the source of pains and confusion. I know people are different when it comes to processing what is going on around them that isn’t ok, however, refocusing on another point, p

erson or being other than the initial source of trouble always helps.


Silence doesn’t mean weakness. No way.
It doesn’t show ineptitude.
It doesn’t say ‘I’m incapacitated’
It comes off as one being in charge of the situation. It makes you one that watches and determines a move before taking it. I’m in between my SILENT stages, don’t write me off just yet because a Greater than I is putting it all in perspective for me.

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Lyrical Mondays

#LyricalMonday – Silent Sharing

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Thankful Thursday

#ThankfulThursday – Silence

Silence is the best answer…sometimes 🙂

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