Photo 101

Photography 101-Street

My Office Street

Yesterday’s assignment was to take a picture of my street. I didn’t take one of my home…hahaha, but some street near my office (which is still within my jurisdiction) and I had some interesting time.

For a split second, there was a bike clash right in front of me but before I could get that, two other bikes blocked my view… 😦 I’m sad because they fell off and also I missed capturing that moment in time. I went with a colleague as I was scared we might get harassed about what we were up to.

The Bike scene I missed
The bike scene I missed

Well, my office street is a mix market of some sort. The traders came in one at a time and now you have a mini market there. From the fruit-seller to the man selling cooking gas and gas bottles, to the mechanic and the man who decided that this street would have better clients for the sale of his used car. The ‘Omo niles‘ are not left out…that is the owner of the land who were busying stopping cars to ‘harass’ them for money.

The fruit sellers
The fruit sellers
More fruit sellers and the Omo niles by the Jeep
More fruit sellers and the Omo niles by the Jeep

The *bukas are not let out as they line up one side of the street awaiting their customers.
One of the funniest snap shot was that of the man whose car had had enough of being patched up and decided to break down at a sign board which read NO PARKING. Phew …what a day on my streets.

The car that wouldn't obey the "NO PARKING" sign
The car that wouldn’t obey the “NO PARKING” sign

*Local eating places where the food is cooked on firewood and served as you wait, hot and steaming even when the environment is nothing to write home about or the cook looking that clean. But here, because the food is affordable and appealing to the taste buds, who cares how it is made? Hmmm.