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Photography 101 – Swarm


At our Prayers and Communion meeting before The Experience 2014, I tried to get as many Swarm pictures of different group as I could. I hope I captured the true essence of swarming.

*All pictures taken with Samsung Duos 3

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved



I’m wondering what answers a lot of you would have come up with if I threw a general question enquiring to know your interpretation of 1G1V. Don’t crack your head about it too much, you will soon know what I’m all about this evening.

Like a seed, a desire to offer a thousand burnt offering in gratitude to God for all He has done and continues to do (whether we are aware or not) grew in his heart. He thought of how best to carry out this plan and also if he will communicate the passion he feels to the magnitude that the people will understand the vision and run with it. Beyond the dream, the meetings and seeming fear about its success, the 1st Edition held and it was mind blowing.

You would think that God had taken us there, but that was just the beginning and like I mentioned earlier it was a seed and if you know anything about seeds, then you will agree with me that when its harvest time, what you sow ain’t what you get honey, YOU GET MORE! With this appetite unleashed for more, we welcome you to The Experience 2014 converging at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

This will be the 9th Edition. In Obstetrics, we are told a pregnant woman usually would give birth in the 9th month; so we are expectant in this years’ Experience as we connect our faith with our praise in anticipation and gratitude to God for what eyes have not seen nor ear heard. I don’t know about you, but I know that come 5th December 2014, people of every nation, tribe and tongue will gather, lifting holy hands and hearts in one accord regardless of societal status or political affiliation to One God in One Voice. By the way, that’s the meaning of 1G1V 🙂

So Lagos, Nigeria, the world…are you ready!?

  • Photo Credits: Courtesy of theexperiencelagos.com

Photography 101 – A Pop Of Color


Amidst the greyish walls of the Tafawa Balewa Square, grounds for the forthcoming Experience Lagos Concert – 9th Edition lies an array of Yellow cabs and buses waiting for the next client or customer, as we popularly refer to people buying our wares or services. Even when we have never known them before. The green leaves in the concrete case adds a beautiful contrast too.

For today’s assignment, I couldn’t resist putting up this random picture I took on one of my outing around Lagos 🙂

Venue for The Experience Lagos 2014 - 9th Edition

Tafawa Balewa Square: Venue for The Experience Lagos 2014 – 9th Edition