His eyes…says it all

When I gave birth to my son, he was all eyes…wide, large beautiful eyes (he had a body obviously…but the eyes stood out and you couldn’t help but notice them) and he always used to watch everything that happened around him. They seem to say a lot; I tried capturing the comments those eyes made and I hope you can relate with them.

Coming all out in all its glory
A mere gaze at it tells a story
Every step that has walked in or out,
Is enthralled by it no doubt.
For, without efforts I go North
South, East and West
Becoming aware of where I lay no less.
I might not speak a universal language now
But she understands me all the same somehow.
Notwithstanding, my eyes takes in all it sees.
To effect change in these parts and beyond seven seas.
And it will only take visionaries like me to tell
There’s more to me than old wives’ tales.
© 2011 Frances Kelvin Otung