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#TuesdayThoughts – Maturity


Sometimes, walking away is victory, silence is victory! Other times, ‘bloodshed’ is necessary, but at what cost? Would you rather have a victory at the expense of your team member?
Just wondering and that’s my thought today.

Tuesday Thoughts

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Photo Rehab #9 – Victory over Solitude


Last week I did a Makeover Cover for PhotoRehabMakeoverCover and because I love the pix, I am using it for my fellow patients at Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic. You might need to go there to get healed of withdrawal syndrome or you just need some color to brighten up your life.

SolitudeIn the mean while, you may feel down or alone, but like this white flower in the midst of so many green and dark green leaves, you can rise, having victory over SOLITUDE!

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Photography 101 – Triumph


Like one uncelebrated, I stand in all my glory

…yet unseen

The dark does me no justice or tell my story

This foreseen

Come, Lights…shine on me in victory

Cast your brilliance, I bid thee

No more will I be ignored as I glow for all to see!

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved