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#FreedomFriday on a Saturday –


Emekus, how market today?

Thank God, we dey do am! Emeka replies and continues whistling under his breath ♫Everything I do, na God win, say nah God win, yes nah God win o♫

This one wey you dey sing God win, alert don land?

“Osas, it is good to be thankful always, whether you make sales or not. You see, despite the harsh unsettled economy, we are pushing it daily and have life to celebrate.” Emeka, had a knack for reverting to using proper English whenever he wanted to be philosophical; for him it drives home the point easily.

“Look at that blind beggar by the market gate, he has to beg to survive. He doesn’t see the beauty of the clouds, neither the rage of the approaching storm. Yes, he can feel the sun, the rain, decide from the sounds of steps if to sit still or feel his way out of danger. Yet, he is always full of praise. Abeg, I think I have more reasons to be thankful” Emeka concluded.

“It is true Emekus, that blind man has been at that gate for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, right from when I was doing my apprenticeship with Papa Kevwe about 8 years ago.” Osas heaves a sigh and continues, “I wonder how he got blind.” Pensively, “what is his story?”

“Customer, you don come? Nah wetin you wan buy? I get better LG television wey you no need 3D glasses sef to watch am.”

“Emekus! Emekus!! The correct Ibo man with authentic electronics. I hail o. I no come buy anything today, nah the balance of the remaining money for that Iron wey I buy, nah im I bring.”

“Da alu, thank you. You are one of the few customers that keep to their words when it comes to payment. That’s why I can easily give you my electronics without second thoughts.” Emeka replies with gratitude, at the same time he touches his pointer with saliva, flips the notes one after the other as he counts to confirm the figure. “It’s N7,000.”

♫I don get alert, God win!♫ Osas sang out laughing.
“Bye bye customer, see you next week” Emeka shouts after the retreating back of his customer.

A distance away, the bell chimes signifying midday. By this, everyone by default knew what to do. The Catholics said their prayers, the Pentecostals quickly gathered by a designated area to sing choruses and preach of hell, heaven, adultery and fornication to all and sundry; whether you were in their group or not, their megaphone got to your doorsteps. In-between the prayers, people still sold their wares. Sadly, after all these ceremonies, some returned to buying and selling and telling of market lies about the true worth or use of a product. It seems the prayers did little or nothing to their lifestyles.

“Dem don start with this dem prayers. Man pikin no go hear word again!”
“Wetin the prayers dey do you, e dey pinch you for body? Abi you be winch?”
“If only they can cure common headaches with it, it would make a whole lot of difference”
“English master aka K-Leg, who ask you question?”
“Me as I dey so, nah dis withered hand I dey take hold body. When pepper drop, man use am gauge and pray for the next one. So therefore, make person hold him healing for that side, I no want. End of discussion.”

Patrick and John strolled towards the market discussing excitedly what they had read in the Bible about the power that believing in God gave them. “Babi ala, give me money. Babi ala, give me money” the one they called K-Leg called out after Patrick and John. As if it was planned, both of them stopped in their tracks and walked up to him. Hearing footsteps approaching, K-Leg began to sing ♫I have a God; He will never ever fail me. I have a Father; He will never ever fail me. Jesus is my Father, He will never ever fail me, Rock of Ages never ever fail♫ stretching out his bowl to receive money, his stomach rumbled to remind him he hadn’t eaten all day and was really very hungry. Still singing his usual lines, he heard them say something and while he was considering it, he felt a twitch in his torso as if his muscles were gaining strength. He couldn’t remember the last time he made use of those legs, he was born this way. This had been his identity, his cross.

As he reminiscence, he felt Patrick pull him up and he swayed to the opposite side but didn’t fall because for once in his life, his legs could support him. What joy! At last, he would leave the market gate and go register in a dance school. He had always loved music and dancing and since he couldn’t do both, he stuck to one – singing.

Rewind and he was back to reality. “Thank you! Thank you!!! God bless you. May God reward you abundantly…” was all he kept saying.

“You see wetin I just see so?”
“Wonders shall never cease!”
“Abeg abi nah, Patrick abi Pato be ya name, make you hol your healing for that side o! As you see me so, nah my daily bread be this o. No just let that your hand near me you hear.”
“You still dey here dey talk?! I no wan hear say nah accidental discharge the anointing come touch me, I don waka as we dey so. K-Leg, bye bye o!”

Acts 3:1-10

Words in Pidgin English:
1“Customer, welcome. What do you want to buy? I have a great LG television that does not require 3D glasses to view.”
2 I didn’t come to buy anything today, I brought the balance of the money for the pressing Iron I bought.”
3 “They have started with their prayers. Someone will not have peace anymore!”
4 “Why are you against prayers, how does it affect you negatively? Or are you a witch?”
5 “As I am, by this withered hand I make a living. When I receive money, I use it for food and pray for the next one. Therefore, anyone who wants to perform miracles, should not come towards me, I’m not interested. End of discussion.”
6 “Did you see what just happened?”
7 “Excuse me Mr-what-am-ma-call you, Patrick or Pato, please restrict your healing to that area! As you can see, this is my daily bread. Don’t let your hand touch me.”
8 “Are you still discussing this matter?! I don’t want to hear that I got healed by accident, I have relocated till he leaves. K-Leg, bye bye o!”

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Reminiscing on the gain/pain of relationships

In the story called “My Life”, written as each day unfolds. I’ve met other lives and been part of their story. Most started well and some didn’t…. But for every life I came across, I always made it one filled with a bit of me in my entirety. Not just the loving sweet me, but also the passionate fiery me! Some could handle that – but others melted under the heat my fire brewed.

As I wove my way through their winding path, earnestly trying to play my part, my heart connected and danced to their rhythm. Yet when the end came and they went off the stage…my stage, our stage…to continue elsewhere, the pain of separation was more than only I could bear. Some memories hurt at the thought of them…at times I wonder, must I walk this path?!

It’s been years, and a lot of tears.

But now I can look back and be grateful for every life I played a part. For then I thought I should have acted differently…how wrong I was, as they’ve returned somehow to thank me for allowing them into mine and though it hurt back then, for these gains, I’ll “gladly” go through the pains again.

Happy New Month to you, may it be truly fruitful! ❤

© 2006. All rights reserved

Lyrical Monday



My heart beats with the rhythm of love
With the songs like one from above
The sounds…
The steps…
With colours that reflect light
Making it so full of life.

Each pump sets my pulse racing
So alive and anticipating
As the throbbing pulse of the drums
And the simple way a guitar in strum

The regular pattern
Really does matter
More like an assurance
Rather than insurance
It needs to beat in sequence
Or face dire consequence

My heart is strong
And feels no wrong
As it is strung on hope
And not flung alone

As each day awakens
My heart is not shaken
…Through the night
My eyes saw no light
My ear though open
Heard nothing spoken

My senses were alert
And the feeling right
Cos my heart was alive
And beating to the rhythm of life.

© 2002. All rights reserved

Freedom Friday – Growing up with King Earl & others


What are you afraid of letting someone see? Your humanness? For all you know, that’s what makes you more attractive or appealing to the significant other.

This is a call or call it ‘DARE’ to step out of your comfort zone, make the move to be friendly and maintain the friendship and that’s the first step towards a 1,000 miles which many people dread. Though, the first step, first smile, and even first hello might meet with a stony gaze flung in your direction, overtime when friendship is established, it will add a boost to your ego and raise your boldness bar – although initially, it never feels that way if truth be told. However, remind yourself that people who tend to snub others are trying to hide a part of themselves and their defence mechanism is to snub or shun anyone who attempts to break the barriers they have set round themselves as protection (from who knows what), probably a pain from betrayal which they have refused to let go, or a ‘fear’ about something they heard, which hasn’t happened yet, might never happen or to burst your bubble – will happen, but will make them stronger and more mature.

As we deal with relationships on all fronts like I earlier stated, we will also enjoy the world that has been built by a King in his own rights, and guided by his rules. Dear Reader, if you will not pay ‘obeisance’ to him, don’t bother reading on as he commands authority in the sweetest (and sometimes, most ‘annoying’) of ways.

Welcome to my world of Living and Growing up with King Earl. “Who is King Earl?” you would ask. He is 3 going on 4 years with a strong sense of who he is and what he wants, with analogous maturity of a 30 year old, a really handsome young man with lots of spunk! People wonder why I talk so much about King Earl. Is he an only child? No! The first? No, to that too! He is one individual that’s got a word for every season and always at the right time. Sometimes it comes off as being rude, but the young man is just being himself, an assertive, innocuous child that has been given the rhyming rights to free speech – one would think the world just discovered the new “Martin Luther King” in ‘an EARL’ this time (lol)! From fighting for his sister’s right, to defending me against his Dad or defending his Dad from me, he is everyone’s VOLTRON and Superhero. With King Earl, you cannot (I repeat CANNOT…in caps this time) have the last words.

Enjoy an episode by my dearest King Earl!
Dad: Earl! Earl!! Earl!!!
KE: “Why are you screaming Earl! Earl!!” (Still drawing his horses and dragons on a sheet of paper, with slight irritation on his face) “Is my name EARL?” he says to a bewildered father. “My name is King Earl!” he retorts with pride.
Interpretation: So Dad, either you get the name right and get my attention or suffer my silence :). Perchance you meet him, don’t forget to add ‘King’ to the Earl.
I am surrounded by two Kings. If you call Earl ‘King’ alone, he won’t answer you either as he needs to confirm which of the Kings you are referring to. He might be the younger, but authority is something he understands very well. And that he will not share!

Being open has afforded me the opportunity to speak into people’s lives and re-order their thought process positively. I feel (actually know), that there is a positive and negative way to look at anything. I try (remember I’m human too) to view most things positively so many times, it is a struggle but when I succeed, oh boy, it’s such a joy!

It’s Freedom Friday and what do you have to share? Whilst thinking about it, here’s Seasoned Sistah 2’s journey last week.

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Freedom Friday


FK for President

It’s Freedom FridayProudly Nigeria

Thank you! Thank you my fiple (people) for all the acknowledgements, kwad bless.

I have watched, read and listened with interest and disinterest (because some of your speeches are really boring, and apart from the many figures/long list of ‘facts’, they are full of lies). So today I’m offering you a new candidate. Away with the OLD and in with the NEW!

FK for PRESIDENT! My ‘poor’ (not literal) FK, she must be red in the face with shock that I’m selling her manifesto to the public. Why won’t I, when we have had it up to our necks with different ideologies and stories and want out! E don do, make una no deceive us again! Wetin!? Is it because we have refused to say anything? Actually, this is the problem with us, but you can’t blame us for being quiet because when we attempted it, we were teargased, thrown in jail and arrested for being bold. Who wants to spend February 14th in Jail? I’d rather be on the queue voting fo rmy beloved FK, than watching some sombre-looking wall with my hands clutching to brownish bars that are not letting me out any time soon.

Wait a moment? Are we not trading our freedom for some invisible bars that will prevent freedom of this and that (please fill the space yourself)? My Pastor shared something on Sunday and the wisdom in it was out of this world and I will share with you. King Solomon was faced with declaring judgement over two women and a baby. Because he was blessed with divine wisdom he was able to choose right and hand the baby over to the woman who would rather give the baby to the other, than watch them divide the child. That’s the heart of a real mother. I said that to say this, anything or anyone that seeks to divide us is not the real mother of the child. A word is enough for the wise and while you are still trying to understand the wisdom of King Solomon, please remember to come out on February 14th and vote for my FK.

In-between: Who fixed the election for that day sef? Not like I do my love on a special day o! I am love personified, oozing from every pore of mine, so I’m not bothered about this fixture.

What is it with all these trading insults and ‘secrets’ across the net about each candidate? Is that what they have to offer us? Just asking o! Oga-in-charge of PR, won’t you change your modus operandi?

Oops, I forgot to state what FK has to offer us:

  • Justice
  • A voice to the helpless
  • Enlightenment which will aid us in informed decisions
  • Diversification of power
  • Change for the better
  • Functional reward system for TRUE heroes (emphasis on TRUE…not politically chosen heroes)
  • No more Aso-ebi (she will sue me for adding this). But FK, seriously, if you ban Aso-ebi, women will not vote for you…don’t worry, you have my vote already.
  • Opportunities for sensible people to be in charge
  • Broad-based Grassroot Democracy
  • Full implementation of MDGs

By the way, we haven’t decided what our party will be called, seeing that all the other politicians have taken all the 26 ALPHABETS…who does that?! Okay, we will use names of all the Kings in the Land (her suggestion), and I think that will be a unique selling point that we have powers that be behind us and our Free-for-All Party; besides by the time you see your village chief’s name as a Political Party, you will vote, knowing your interest is being taken into consideration.

On a more serious note, regardless of how well coated each leader’s story is, put it through the litmus test and watch the result. But then, if you have ROI in their success, you will vote against good conscience. Anyhow, Oluwa is involved and He will settle this matter! Enjoy your Friday!

PS: We share the same initial by the way. What’s your take on this Folakemi?

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Handling Loss


I am someone who doesn’t handle losses well. I like to account for everything and I try to find anything I have lost. If you are one who walks with God (that is by faith) you have to realise that there will come a time you will not be able to account for some losses – of things, people or time. Knowing that things that happen do not take Him by surprise, I pray about it. If I still can’t get my head round it as per its location…talking about things now…I let it be and someday when I’m not so keen I either remember or it shows up. Those are the times I repeat my mother’s popular saying “If only these non-living things will just speak up and say ‘see me here’, it will save us energy and time”.

But what do I do when my loss is a person, a relationship?


I withdraw! Deny it, engage myself in other things and believe it is only just a rumour that will go away shortly. I remove myself from it. I am not conversant with the steps encountered during loss or heartbreak according to the books or psychologists, but I know and have first-hand knowledge of the deep pain that cuts through my heart as if my valves have been severed. I actually stop breathing (I felt this during one heartbreak and yup I got my fair share). I think this deep feeling must be something with we-November people, we love too deep and hurt ‘three’ deep and if you enter our PURPLE book…sorry o! It really takes God to get you out of there. Almost like the extreme of the ends. Well, I love God, so you don’t have to worry about entering my PURPLE book because if I don’t forgive you, I don’t get any from Him either. Now back to my talk on loss.

I become silent and ‘busy’…trying not to think of what just happened and then one day the tears come for no reason and fall for a long while, as I relive every moment, miss every smile and hug, every gist and advice, every uniqueness (while trying to breathe). Then I write my heart out. Usually my best poems and articles are written in my pain season, as it draws the deepness in me to the fore. Someone had even refused to date me “because I was too deep” …it’s all good. I found out that writing for me is therapeutic and an outlet to say it as it is and not have to explain myself to anyone. To just weep on the pages of my journal the tears my eyes couldn’t bring, release the ache bearing on my soul. It doesn’t heal my aching heart completely but at least it allows me breathe a bit.

Right now, I’m not sure what I’m rambling about (one of my recovery technique), well while you are trying to understand me, please share how you handle your loss.

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Hello Reader…we really should get a face to your name 🙂

This is my first post for this year and you won’t believe it, I have written a couple in my mind but putting it up has been an issue. I’m not starting the year on a lazy note, just been occupied with other matters. I trust you had a wonderful holiday away with family and friends. I did and wished it lingered longer. I’m setting some plans in my mind concerning spening quality time whenever I’m with family. So here’s my thought for today.

Not knowing what the year will be declared as, I sent messages praying that the year will be fulfilling in every way to all who received these messages. Oh what a joy to realise that 2015 has been named a YEAR OF FULFILLMENT in church.

Therefore, no more half-measures concerning me or mine. Until my joy is complete, I’m not taking ‘NO’ for an answer, except that ‘NO’ is cloaked as divine re-direction towards fulfilment and pure unprecedented JOY that is bubbling without end. I want it all and complete – nothing missing or broken. Not an-almost-there blessing or an it-could-have-been but the whole works. For He is God and He is able to do exceeding, abundantly far above all I can ask, think or imagine and beyond that – He is ready and willing to do it. So why would I short-change myself and receive less than His best for me? Why?! Tell me why?

No more will I ‘ridicule’ God with my small-asking and belittle His ability to blow my mind. If I can’t ask for it in my understanding, I will be still and let Him be God with expectancy in my heart, I know every answer He gives me will be FULFILLING IN EVERY WAY.

Happy New Year!!!

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A Personal Note


I always say that God keeps leaving people in my way to be the hand that gives the hug (when I need one), the shoulder for me to lean on, the one that gives a timely word to lift me above my pain. This is one of them and she wrote this years back in when I felt the world was on my shoulder. I kinda feel like that on and off and what a joy to stumble on two of her notes. Here’s one.


Do not despair
You might be pressed on all sides, keep pushing.
The world might be caving in but hang in there
Keep on keeping on
Because you’re at the brink of your change
Something is about to happen
You are about to birth your baby
The pains you’re experiencing are those of a travailing woman.
You are about to carry your baby.
Don’t get weary
And don’t be teary
Be bold, lift your head up high
And put a smile on that lovely face of yours.
Why are you, so downcast?
Put your hope in God.
The joy that you have was not given by the world
So they can’t take it away.
Remember, to stay in the cleft of God’s Rock.
It’ll be okay.
Laugh at the devil. He has failed.
I love you
And need to see that smile you know a lot of lives depend on that.

Who else!

Horn Free Day?


Lagos my Lagos

Land of my paradigm shift…how do I mean?

Trying to escape the pains of a broken heart, I left Port Harcourt for Lagos. You know how heartbreak takes everything from you (for those of us that have loved and lost). For me, I needed to get away from the maddening crowd and breathe fresh air. Was the Lagos the place to relocate to? I wondered about this decision for years. But given the fun I had with my crew (Sunshine and Sweetheart…I’ll tell you about them later) and sister’s family. I didn’t mind the culture and noise shock I met!

Coming from a Garden City (though by the time I was leaving, most parts of Port Harcourt had cease to be anything like a garden but I won’t join the rest to call it a Garbage city), the garbage I met in Lagos by the time I arrived was enough to send me back. Well this is a thing of the past, as thanks to the proactive Governor Babatunde R. Fashola it has transformed before our eyes and the people too (at least most 🙂 ).

Beyond the garbage, Lagos has this fast paced spirit that looks like everyone is on the run to catch up with or run from something. It’s the hurry to catch the bus or jump down from one, while raining abuses on the conductor for not informing his driver on time or ducking from the spittle that comes from his mouth with his diatribes. This I couldn’t cope with as in Port Harcourt transporters would usually stop for you to alight and they only took the bus fare when you were halfway through the journey. In Eko, for where!! You had barely sat when the conductor would breathe heavily down your neck “ bring ya money or Owo da!” Yes, I almost forgot, they thrive on speaking their Lingua Franca to everyone, if you like, be foreigner that nah your business. In Lagos, everyone must learn the language.

All these amidst the blaring Yoruba music coming from the front which is evenly shared to every seat in the bus as speakers have been strategically positioned under the seat or on the windows inside. You don’t have a choice but to endure the noise inside, the blaring of horns outside from your bus and surrounding vehicles, the curses (more noise) from driver to driver, driver to conductor, conductor to passenger – the list is endless. Some had the effrontery of putting up siren though not like the ones the policemen use, but enough to scare you off the road for them to fly past. For the Motorcyclist aka Okada men (by the way these ‘Dennis-the Menaces’ have been forced to particular locations only), their bike horns have modified and replaced with car horns and radio attached to the front.

I said all this to paint the picture of the City, so you would understand why I am wondering if the Horn-Free day would be feasible. As a matter of fact, from my room this morning, my neighbour who was leaving to work by after 5am gave two very loud blares…she usually would forget her hands on the horn. I guess in the spirit of Horn Free day, she reduced it to two. LOL.

Listening to the Honourable Commissioner for Transportation Mr. Kayode Opeifa discuss it on STV news last night, I wondered if they had done enough broadcast about it as I was hearing of it for the first time yesterday. Well, I doubt if those funny bus drivers would agree with this initiative, as some of them even use their horns as drums to honk their favourite music regardless of whose ears suffers. The louder your horn, the more access you get on the road.

Today, is meant to inculcate in the people virtues like Patience, Respect for other road-users, less noise to protect our ears, avoid indiscriminate use of the horn amongst others. Whilst this is good, I would advocate for a NOISE-FREE DAY for Lagosians.

What’s your take on my suggestion?

Eko o ni baje o!

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Leave my Judas alone!


“Judas”…the name we love to hate.
The name we readily won’t give to our children except an enemy!
“Judas”…oh! How I wonder about that name!
Though strangely, it sounds like what it is linked with …BETRAYAL!

We’ve been taught to dislike Judas. As soon as his name rings out, every system sends a report to our brain – “Betrayer”! But after a close look at Judas and what he represents, I beseech all and sundry to LEAVE MY JUDAS ALONE!

Yes, the hurt from the back stab was excruciating and the wound still won’t heal…daily it serves as a reminder that “Judas” had paid us a visit (planned or unplanned, invited or uninvited, he came all the same!). The bridge we built had been trodden down by the hoofs of the horse Judas rode across it and so “Trust” added “Dis” to her name to become DISTRUST.

In more ways than one, Judas had acted in our films….
But hold it a while, I’d rather have an encounter with Judas than with Peter! Because Judas was strategically picked to propel me to my destiny…make sure I fulfil it. Be a thorn underneath my foot so I don’t walk straight and the pain constantly reminds me to seek help.

But Peter, who loves me dearly would rather (and unknowingly I must say!) stop me in my tracks so I don’t get to the promise; thereby ensuring that I remain in the process longer than necessary.

He’s been called an enemy, but the table will only be prepared in the presence of one! So once again I implore you to spare me the trouble of having to go round and round in circles …leave my Judas alone!

Yes, I’ll cry and feel pain and most times wonder why?! But since it’s taking me to greater glory, leave my Judas alone!!!

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