A Reminder …

With her U-shaped modern looking eyeglasses she steps into my office. Her hair? A short weave-on cropped at the back and side and curve on the forehead to the left side of the face. With bright eyes, little make-up, really lovely face and a smart walk (more like a rush); she hurries to catch up with me so I don’t sign off before she gets here as she needs to collect her cheque.

I usually taunt her whenever she comes to visit me, because she ensures she looks her best. I guess my organisation has that effect on most people…as they try to match the environment they are stepping into. Like I was saying before I digressed, I always wondered why she would come all the way dressed to the nines on her really high heels climbing up our many flights of steps just to see me.
In all her beauty, I seem to overwhelm her, why? I’m not sure. Someday I guess she will tell me. It’s not fear or godly reverence but something else…I’m sure she’ll tell me if I ask; maybe next week. Hmmm! Though she’s dark in complexion, she lightens up the room every time she walks in – with her smile and warmness. Associating with her feels like the kind of bond you have with a favourite baby sister.

Today she walked in and for once I was sad 

Why? Why?! Why…did she have to look so much like Toju!

Who is Toju?

A friend and sister…an enterprising young woman with a love for colours and life…whose creativity transcends the normal. She looked exactly, like my little friend Shade. Their resemblance is striking…wondering why I never saw this resemblance till today.

Probably because when you go through the pain of a loss, the reminders of what you once had hit you hard in places you didn’t imagine and you wonder why you didn’t get to celebrate that person as he/she deserved to be celebrated. Or told them a lot more that you appreciated them for being themselves – unique and one of a kind.

Probably because we are deceived to think that they will always be around and so we take every moment for granted, and say perhaps tomorrow I’ll let them know.

She walked in and I was sad because last Saturday 24th May 2014, we had to say good bye to Toju. Now all we have are reminders, and probably ‘regrets’, for Toju is gone and will only remain in our memories and pictures.

Don’t let this moment pass by…say it to him…her…them and mean it from your heart! It might just be the word or hug they have been aching for to push one more step ahead in life’s walk.
By the way I love and celebrate you… ( to all the ‘yous’ who know themselves).

© 2014 Frances Kelvin Otung