Freedom Fridays

Freedom Friday

It’s that time of the week…yeah you guessed right. It’s Friday and it Free!

Bill Wither’s song aptly describes the house without Sunshine (Veda) in it. Now she’s grown and I’m out. I miss her a lot but here a window into the world we shared when I stayed with them.

What’s Veda been up to?
She loves me carrying her and being kind of tired, I said to her “my baby will get angry with you o!
“The one in your stomach?” she enquired,
“Yes,” I replied and sat down still carrying her. She simply rolled her fingers in a ball and punched me in the stomach…to fight my baby or…I’d never know!
Got up to take a bath noticed someone was already in the bathroom. Lo, it was Sweetheart doing his thing. But I noticed a look in his eyes (somewhat downcast) and he didn’t greet. When I probed to know what was wrong since he normally doesn’t wake this early.
“I peed on the bed, so I came to change”.
Well, I’m yet to get home (from work) that means I haven’t heard the last of it…Veda’s version I mean. Wondering what she’ll tell me today because it was also a Christmas party, I bet she’s got lots to say…guess we’ll wait till I get home.

On my way back from work, I bought some apples for my 2 crew members (Sunshine & Sweetheart). Got home and asked how the school party went, what she brought back for me.
“Nothing” she replied, “they only gave us presents”. So I handed over the apples to her (she’s an apple lover) since Sweetheart didn’t want any. After saying thank you, she opened the bag, looked in and looked up at me “aunty, its only 3!”(Meaning I can’t share)
Later on she showed me her “Barbie” she won as 1st prize for reciting her poem (which she pronounces as ‘pohim’)

I need your opinion on something:

What would you do if you knew that someone was telling you a lie, whilst looking at you straight in the face? Want to know what I did? Check Freedom Friday next week.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

J. Moss sang

“There’s a praise on the inside
That I can’t keep to myself
A holler stirring up
From the depths of my soul
So excuse me if I seem a little giddy
Or maybe even strange
But praise is the way I say thanks”

And I say, I’m praising along

Thankful Thursday_301014


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

I believe…do you?

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Photo Credits: Made specially for me by

#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday thoughts

I know you can do it. How? The bible told me so.

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Lyrical Mondays

Lyrical Monday

Different notes abound in the world of music. I am not a maestro, though my King knows a thing or two about it and the instruments. But this I know, that several instruments (having their purposes) come together to make a great sound and this is my


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My personals

God always blesses me in different ways.

People with a beautiful heart are one of them and I’m surrounded by many. This is a poem written for me by one of them in 2003. I just had to share. Thank you Iphie.

You are indeed a Masterpiece too!
Musical note symbol:
Blogging 101

Weekly Small Pleasures

I was meant to post my Weekly Small Pleasures yesterday, but didn’t have it written down – only in my heart and I’m wondering…

#Weekly Small Pleasures

What do you say when your week was tiring
And the people overbearing,
When all you felt like doing was escape
To a place with no landscape
Not because you hate humanity
But needed peace in the midst of insanity
What pleasures are there in a week so dire?
When a warm bath and massage would seem fair.
My week may not have been so bright
Yet because I got life and living it out

These are pleasures I celebrate!
Just so I don’t become an ingrate,
These moments of joy are worth sharing
A Blogging friend whose pictures are daring
A mention as a motivation to inspire
Write free, thus aiming higher!
A birthday Cake, Card and a gift
For someone who keeps watch over my kids
These sound like Weekly BIG pleasures to me
What did your week offer thee?

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

Freedom Fridays

Freedom Friday

Freedom Board

Do I always have to do this every Friday? Keep wondering what to say?

It’s a FREEDOM DAY…so being stuck should be a non-issue as anything I say is mine to defend… or let’s say enjoy!

Well, I’m loving the Freedom Friday movement with Yvonne taking it to another level. I enjoyed her post so much that I reblogged it.

Actually that would be the first time I’m reblogging…yippee! Double Hi-five baby.


Tomorrow happens to be my house-keeper’s birthday and I’m beside myself with ‘crazy’ ideas of what I will do or would love to do. In all, I’m praying I ignore/condone her Idiosyncrasies and just enjoy her for herself. Whatever the case. It’s gonna be a lovely day…lovely day…lovely day. I’m singing. LOL. She has no idea what I have in store for her. Simply gorgeous (like my son would say).

And this is what transpired between Veda and I. Come, let’s view the world “Through Veda’s Eyes”.

Today, someone called me to say thank you for a gift I sent, Sunshine was around and enquired “Honi (that’s what she calls me), who was that?”
“A *toaster”, I replied.
“Ok, give me the phone”, she demanded…dialled and said, “Police, please come and arrest this boy that called my aunty ok!”

Her father returned and she wouldn’t welcome him back. So he declares that he’ll go eat Chinese with her brother Karan (Sweetheart), the tears roll down her eyes…the more her father taunts and the more they cascade as if falling from a fountain. But still she wouldn’t greet him. Of course she later made up with him quickly so she won’t be left out, and he didn’t go out after all.

I caught a cold the previous night and didn’t let Sunshine know. When I got back from work, she was sneezing so I told her not to allow her cold affect me. She quietly walked towards me, pulled my face close to hers and tried to sneeze again (so we’ll share the pain!).

*Toaster – Nigerian parlance for someone asking another out

So what are you being FREE about this Friday…let’s join in the fun!

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


Freedom Friday – October 24, 2014

It’s Freedom Friday and I’m the umpire on this day. So this is my 1st and special treat. More to come shortly. Enjoy!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

There’s always something to be joyful for…this is mine, what’s yours?

Thankful Thursday_231014