5 years and still counting…

My baby…”boogie” (I always call you),
I was going through Babycenter today and they recorded that you are (as at today) 5 years, 4 months and 2 weeks old and I wondered to myself. Woah! How time flies. Following their instruction, I have decided to write you an annual letter.

…but where do I start?

What would I want you to know about you that has made me laugh, cry, happy or sad. Should I tell you about the good moments only or a blend of all that makes you my Oluwatamilore?

Now I’m thinking and trying to remember what did you do last year? For one, lately you have become a defence to your brother…no matter how he throws his toys at you or won’t share his can of Malt, if I want to smack him, you always plead “mom, please don’t smack him…I don’t want him to cry and if you do, I’ll smack you too”. I have corrected you on the ‘smacking-me-too’ part so all you do now is plead I don’t make him cry.

Funny when it’s your turn, he quickly gets the cane or smacks you himself…I guess he’ll get to the “Voltron” age soon and start protecting you!

I heard from your teacher (Mrs. Dafe-Joseph…remember her?) that though you don’t like finishing your school work on time, you made your team (grade 1) take first place in the spelling competition for the whole school! Did I tell you I was totally proud of you!!! Muah!

From not being able to read a line, you read lines now and even a whole book. You are forever correcting me on my pronunciation and diction…I’m grateful for that though it can be somewhat embarrassing at times but I’m glad you know the right thing and the right way.

You told us you want to have 12 children like Jacob did but that your children won’t behave like his! I’m so impressed with you and your line of thought…though I think 12 children are a bit too much! Or what do you think? I took it like a joke but imagine my shock when I saw that you wrote it down in your composition in response to your examination question. Also that you would love to live in New York…may your dreams for impacting our society and your generation come true.

On the home front, we have been without a maid for 6 months now…but I hardly feel it because you and King Earl make my life so much easier. Both of you offered to help me sweep and mop the other day and a number of times you have arranged your room by yourself!

I love you baby and wanted you to know that again.

© 2014 Frances Kelvin Otung


His eyes…says it all

When I gave birth to my son, he was all eyes…wide, large beautiful eyes (he had a body obviously…but the eyes stood out and you couldn’t help but notice them) and he always used to watch everything that happened around him. They seem to say a lot; I tried capturing the comments those eyes made and I hope you can relate with them.

Coming all out in all its glory
A mere gaze at it tells a story
Every step that has walked in or out,
Is enthralled by it no doubt.
For, without efforts I go North
South, East and West
Becoming aware of where I lay no less.
I might not speak a universal language now
But she understands me all the same somehow.
Notwithstanding, my eyes takes in all it sees.
To effect change in these parts and beyond seven seas.
And it will only take visionaries like me to tell
There’s more to me than old wives’ tales.
© 2011 Frances Kelvin Otung