Lyrical Mondays

Lyrical Monday

For you my Beloved Country…

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Freedom Fridays

Freedom Fridays

FreedomShipNone but ourselves can free our minds! – Bob Marley

Hello 🙂

After a long battle with myself, I have decided to officially start up FREEDOM FRIDAYS on a wider scale.

What am I on about?

Being Friday, it allows you to be relaxed and ready for fun!

As such, Freedom Friday gives you an avenue to SAY, BE, DRAW, tell with PICTURES like Lucille, POETRY like I-read stories that will help others get into that mood and laugh hard and long.

You might decide to VENT, RECALL, ‘REVENGE’ but whatever you do, show mercy and make sure it is appealing enough to keep us coming back for more.

It’s open to all who want to laugh andwish to make others laugh too. SeasonedSistah2 has been faithfully maintaining it and I’m back to join her. So welcome on board the FREEDOMSHIP, lets sail the FUN seas!

Don’t forget to tag Freedom Friday and link it

back here, so others can share in the fun. You have from today till Thursday to submit you idea/kind of fun.

Thanks for inspiring me to do this 🙂 unknowingly.

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It’s Freedom Friday! I’m reminded of my promise to reblog articles that mean a lot to me which I find interesting. I’m sure you will love this.


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Yesterday, I was a child with a home, today I am an orphan with no home.

My sister cries like a noisy housefly, because mama left us without saying goodbye.

Brother, now takes what is not his,
He said, “we have to survive no matter what”

Then the news came, brother is no more.

Pastor say, he’s off to hell to reap what he sowed
‘Him and your son too,’ I say to pastor, no one is righteous.

Brother was bad-good, he wanted us to eat.
Now my sister cries like a bush rat.

I’m off to the mainland looking for ‘maga’.
It’s just for one night, and I’m making mad money
Wearing designers and giving my sister food.

Now she cries no more, she’s happy and fat.

I’m thin and sick, my tummy hurts always
Doctor say I’ll be a mum soon, but…

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

I’m so excited! I went looking for a bicycle to use for my quote and couldn’t decide on what to use that will be uniquely me, so I created my own bicycle. Though, I almost asked Lucille for her bike pixs I liked yesterday.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_250315Now to my qoute by Albert Einstein, Life really requires that we keep moving and being static simply tells the world and onlookers that we are dead. My pastor would say (i’m not sure who owns this quote) “keep moving no matter what; If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. if you can’t crawl, roll, but whatever you do, keep moving”.

I’m sure I’ve mixed it up somewhere 🙂 Point is, Live LIFE!


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Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

Just wondering? What do you think?

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Lyrical Mondays

Lyrical Monday

I couldn’t let today pass without letting you know I still think of you my Dream Reader.

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Lyrical Mondays

Lyrical Monday

…And the King replied *wink*, words the Queen understands.

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